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Toilet King

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Author Comments

Help Mr Brown Cloud make his dream come true, build a beautiful public toilet and become the ultimate Toilet King! You begin with a filthy restroom and work your way to the top. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by serving their needs as quickly as possible.


Level 6 is just too hard! Been playing for so long and still cannot pass it lol


There are 10 level, 6th one is the peak difficulty, it gets progressively harder before that and slightly easier after that.

It is not stated in game but people give you varying amounts of money depending on their satisfaction. I have lost levels with each client served, because apparently they gave only minimum fees.

Your strategy must expand both quantitatively (serving as many customers as possible) and qualitatively - ensuring as good experience as possible. Quantitative things are mandatory, qualitative things are optional, but you cannot ignore them completely.

Quantitative mandatory things are - guiding people o a seat, guiding them to sink and to hands dryer, cleaning dirty closets and unclogging clogged ones, to free space for new customers. These things all must be done.

Qualitative optional things are - giving people toilet papers and newspapers, cleaning up floor.

It is probably impossible to reply to every customers whim and do everything. So you must focus on mandatory things and choose the few optional things you can squeeze in wisely. It follows mathematically and is supported by my experience that cleaning floors is the best thing you can do when you have free time from mandatory things, because this one thing affects every customers experience, while throwing toilet papers and newspapers only affect a single customer and requires too many mouse clicks.

So if you prioritize everything else above throwing toilet papers and newspapers you will eventually win after a short learning curve.

Good things:
Game is funny and not as gross as could be expected judging by it's theme. The various people who deliberately shit on the floor are especially funny as is the protagonist sweating and cleaning closets. The author has done a good job in creating a variety of backgrounds and people. The balanced and realistic gender ratio is especially commendable.

Bad things or things to improve:
- Difficulty is just slightly too high.
- Instead of simply meeting goals for each level a shop with purchasable upgrades would be better.
- The whole unrealism is a bit off putting - do people really need to be guided to a free closet by hand and then to a sink and to a dryer. Can't they think for themselves?
- Why does the guy upgrades walls but won't install additional sings or hand dryers to reduce the bottleneck at this point? With an upgrades shop this could be handled.
- The protagonist was annoying when doing the unnecessary victory dance after throwing an item to a customer and blocking the dryer with his head.
- A better version of this concept would be a less click dependent game where people move autonomously to free closets, sinks and dryers, but you need to clean closets, clean floors in time, give toilet paper and newspapers and purchase additional closets, sinks, dryers and other upgrades like perhaps flowers, clock, paintings and so on to reduce bottlenecks and increase revenue.

Excellent game. For anyone having a problem beating the game, you have to think about the economics of the game to beat it. For the first 6 levels new features keep getting introduced. Once you get to level 7 it gets a bit easier and you should be able to beat all 10 levels of the game by then.

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This game is kind of weird because of the gross things the people do lol. I thought this was an escape game about creating toilets. There are delays when he gives paper and the delays makes it more hard. I'm having trouble passing level 3.

I like this type of click game. Expand the click box a little for the different actions. And allow commands to stack and its a 5.

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2012
6:00 PM EDT
Simulation - Job