Mkd Hopper *beta*

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This is a game i'm making still working on it 2 levels only for now


Guys its his first game so SHUT UP GTFO hes an awesome man i know him in real life i has way better games made but he deleted them for some reason one of the games was lemon wars it was awesome he makes awesome games so shut up this is his first game like u guys can make a better one !!! its just needs power ups and more levels its awesome! not bad for a begginer like anyone makes good games people make good games that make games for years its his first one so shut up!

Don't post unfinished games. That's what your friends are for...testing your games. But, it has potential to be cool if and when the levels get difficult. I suggest making the players character something different than it is right now...unless that was already your plan. Could still be a ball, just not that one.

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C'mon, man. Don't post your experiment here. Use it to advance your skills and submit a REAL flash game.

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Not bad for a start.

Please don't submit things that are unfinished. There's no point in it. When it's finished, then we look forward to having you submit it. As is it, there's nothing to this one.

I'd suggest changing the controls a bit. It's much easier to use the up arrow for jump and the space bar for other functions. When you finish this, keep that in mind.


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1.72 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2012
1:23 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other