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Defense Ghost

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Author Comments

it's a dark street, you need to defense a lot of ghosts. you can upgrade your weapon on gun shop or buy some defense trap and defense fire guns.
Game Play:- left click to fire, the Arrow keys move and jump, space to reload.


This was an awesome game but it does need a little work. . towers are unable to be purchased and the translation is a bit off. The correct translations are "The ghost is coming" and

"It's a dark street, you need to defend against a horde of ghosts. You can purchase weapons and upgrade them in the gunshop or you can buy defensive weapons and turrets. Game Play:- left click to fire, the Arrow keys move and jump, space to reload."

if the problems were fixed this game would easily be a 4 or 5. To the author, if you need help translating things PM me.

The blaring grammar error every time a wave comes gets annoying. Also, as everyone said, the towers are unpurchasable. I also don't like how the waves sometimes stop way before the bar indicating the wave has ended. And the flying enemies have no way of hurting you. You can ignore them and until the grounded enemies are gone to deal with them. Pretty alright, but Balloon in a Wasteland is much better.

It could have been improved a little..but over all it was good!

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When the game has loaded there is only one button, start. I would like to see instructions, and an options menu on the main screen. There are instructions in the author comments, but these are vague. The author says the player can move, and jump with the arrows keys, but forgets to mention that w, a, s, and d work as well. When I entered the game IâEUTMm put right into the action part of the game with no tutorial. Again, knowing how to play is a very important aspect of a game.

In the game there are waves that have various enemies, and for every enemy I killed there would be money as a reward. The amount of money I got would depend on what ghost I killed. As I reached enough money for a turret I realize that the game wonâEUTMt allow me to purchase a turret. I have tried this everywhere on the map, and the shop still wonâEUTMt let me use them. This game shouldnâEUTMt be called a turret defense game if the turrets canâEUTMt be used. If I had a tutorial I might been able to figure out how to buy them.

I did play through the game despite there being a handicap, but even without the towers IâEUTMm still able to kill everything without any worries. There is not a single point in that game where I am challenged, or even die. There are probably only 30 waves, but after the last stage the game goes back to twenty-nine in a loop. That can get annoying because if IâEUTMm playing a game I want to see an ending not level 29 for the 29th time. There are good amount of ghosts, but all of them are shown too quickly. For the first half of the game the new enemies are shoved down my throat. Then in the last half of the game the monsters stay the same. I also notice when I was killing the ghosts is that the firing does not work close to the character. I have to awkwardly move my cursor the the top of the screen to kill the ghosts on top of me.

The music is just as bad. ItâEUTMs a looping tune that is probably ten seconds long. The music even continues to play when the game is paused. This can only be turned off, and on in the game as well. This is why there should be option menus on the main screen of the game, so I can choose if I want to turn that off before I play.

There are no achievements, no point system, and nothing else that gives this game replay ability.

I totally can't buy towers. That's a pretty big glitch for something that claims to be tower defense. It's just as well though, once you get the last couple of guns the game gets pretty easy.

This game could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. It's a good way to kill a bit of time, but it gets repetitive kind of quickly.

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Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2012
9:44 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense