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Mr. Red takes his revenge on Mr. Green! A stick with super-speed versus a stick that can clone himself duke it out in a luxury hotel!

I'm very happy with the way this came out, hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for watching!

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best movie but plzzzzzzzzzz make shock 4

Gotta say it was pretty good. The animation was great I say its on par with Terkoiz's animation in terms of speed, the casino style music somehow fits the very well. Overall its a nice tribute animation to the Shock series.

No, it was NOT ra ripoff! Guys, didn't you SEE Terkoiz said, "There will be no Shock Four."? Did you? But you kept bugging him, so he finally put a stupid animation up on Newgrounds! This guy made a perfect ending to the series and still kept it as a tribute! I like this thing and I always will! (After making dramatic speech) *puts down microphone* Whooo! That was tiring! And boring! I'm bored... my coke is almost empty... What do I do... *opens refrigerator* Hmmm... what to get, what to get... *looks inside* Hey, there's only Coke in here! ...*takes coke* Sigh... *walks over to computer*......... *just sits there*........ *hits replay button for the 9,001st time*...

davidborja good work on the 3D Animation

esse video e muito pica