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Super Pig

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Beaten Level 1-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-5 without godmode

Beaten Level X-1 25 Points

Beaten Level X-1 without godmode

Beaten Level X-2 25 Points

Beaten Level X-2 without godmode

Beaten Level X-3 25 Points

Beaten Level X-3 without godmode

Beaten Level X-4 25 Points

Beaten Level X-4 without godmode

Beaten Level X-5 25 Points

Beaten the final level without godmode

Butcher Badge 25 Points

Killed 1000 pigs

Golden Pig 100 Points

Beaten the game

Author Comments

=== WARNING! ===
Super Pig is incredibly hard!
=== WARNING! ===

Super Pig is an innovative challenging platformer where you have to kill yourself to reveal parts of the level with blood splatter. The level is initially invisible. The goal is to reach Super Pig's girl before you lose all your lives!

There are 30 levels arranged into 6 chapters. If some of the levels are too hard for you, you can skip any of them. But if you want to get to chapter X (the last one) you are required to beat all of the preceding levels!

Please take a look at the in-game help section for some more hints!

You have been warned!

=== Controls ===

---- IN GAME ----
LEFT/RIGHT - Run sideways
Z or Y or W or UP or SPACE - Primary jump
X - Turbo jump (hold to jump continuously)
ESCAPE - Instant game over

SPACE - Next level
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

SPACE - Retry
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

---- ANY TIME ----
Hover mouse over the top-right corner for options!

====== !!! UPDATE UPDATE !!! ======
Newgrounds has some server problems and medals might not work! Sorry for that, there is nothing more I can do about it from here!

When the issue is fixed you will be awarded any missing medals upon entering the level selection screen!


i dont know if it is a bug but i see only a black screen after the yay.

So...I have no idea how to solve this perfectly, I have to find the right path with my own blood, and when I finally reach her at the end, she cries and runs away. Reminds me of my girl when she's on her period. Awesome game though! I love the concept for Super Pig and would love to see him again but in a more interactive game perhaps. all my 5 belong right here =)

I agree with TonyMuplaah's comment. This game isn't so much challenging as it is time consuming. By making the environments invisible, only to be revealed by the blood splatter of your repeated deaths, every level must be replayed over and over again simply to see where obstacles lay. Actually avoiding the obstacles isn't so difficult, once you know where they are. This dynamic gets old fast, for the following reasons:

-Every level demands countless attempts at blind trial and error, while actual platformer skill and timing take a back seat.

-There is no sense of getting better or a learning curve since it's impossible to anticipate obstacles in new levels.

-The game feels artificially lengthened by all the guesswork. Makes the whole experience feel like a big cop out, an excuse not to make more interesting level design, or simply more levels.

I didn't play all the way through and I expect that the level design does get more interesting and complex as the game goes on. These levels probably utilize the invisibility of obstacles in very creative and commendable ways that demonstrate the author's thoughtfulness toward challenge. However, I would feel more motivated to reach those levels, and more willing to appreciate the time and effort gone into designing them, if the invisibility mechanic was only implemented sparingly. Or, perhaps if there was a way to manipulate visibility without blindly running into wall spikes or down pits, the game would be more tolerable to play through.

I do have the give credit for the overall style of the game, I really dig it. Everything is really well animated and smooth, and I definitely don't mean to downplay those elements of the game. But at the end of the day, I really don't care what a game looks or feels like as long as the gameplay is solid. I bet the gameplay would be solid, if there wasn't so much guesswork and helplessly self-inflicted death.

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nice art work music is ok but really not to fun playin with got really bored of killing myself. to dark for one so its really almost a waste of time trying you need to kill yourself just to find the right way. better luck next time.

I am having much fun with this, i like the challenge.

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2012
1:05 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other