Blast the Bunny

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EDIT: Added music after one million requests plus badges should be working :D

You are mad at a bunny and decide to shoot him out of a cannon. It is the only logical way.


Fun and interesting

Now what i got from this flash was alot of things but what comes tomind is that it is Groovy even a word i like to use Swanky basicly means it was fresh and i was delighted to come across it So i found tis game to be somehwta fun, you should for sure add moremedals, you can do medals for farthest reach, or howmany bounces or even fans The bunny didnt really look like a bunny, looked more like "CRUMPLED" up piece of paper, so some better bunny design is in order, You should also tink about adding some sound/fx like with bounces and or fants. just a few ideas that could make it better. The game is not all that bad kind of fun and "AddICTIVE" another helpfull tip might be everytime youclick replay that you dont have to wait for the launcher to comeout since its so slow, maybe just take you to an already pulled out launcher. not a bad game here though. one last thing, the one medal you did have was either broken or just plain too hard. Change is a plus, in the always changing flash world so never be scared of change as it will allow you to see and do new things, and besides you never know what new positives you may find within yourself aswell.

This one seemed to be alright but my only complaint is still not being anything you didnt do with this, but maybe something that you can do maybe adding other options, maybe some new ideas mixed with the ones you got already, so i have a few ideas up my sleeve here, so try some things out. A number of new ideas for medals were suggested, but you should add much more then you have the one was ok, but more medals would make this more fun. a more better design of the bunny would be nice, and sme added sound/fx would also be a nice touch. have the launcher come out already faster once you click replay,

I think the bunny is very cute ;) x

skecthy productuins is terrible

I have absolutely nothing good to say about this game. The music didn't match the setting, nor did it loop. The medal didn't work properly. There does not seem to be anyway to win the game. This is just another clone of (Toss the Turtle, [Insert 200 other titles], etc) with only one real difference I saw; Randomly places objects. Unfortunately, those objects are moot, because then the game lacks any form of skill and is just a plaything. You press a button, and watch what it does. No storyline, no sound effects, horrible graphics. I recommend any future games you make are not of this style at all. Go for something completely different.

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Quite simply.... Awful.

SketchistGames responds:

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1.75 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2012
3:14 PM EST
Skill - Toss