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Update: changed gameplay with difficulty,its not dead easy now and few minor bugs rectified.

The human world rejoiced at the disappearance of the entire Demogorgon genealogy. It was impossible to fathom that this rejoicing would come to a fag-end, the previous battle was a victory worth cherishing for time immemorial. Underworld master of the demons, DemogorgonâEUTMs anger has broken all hell lose. Demogorgon was believed to be dead, but he is immortal as he has multiple bodies. The underworld has broken all the embargos and is charging towards human kind for the re-entitlement of the worldâEUTMs supremacy. The previous defeat has infected the demons with more terror, something that the mankind may not be able to pursue. DemogorgonâEUTMs forces were able to infiltrate other dark havens in the universe and have introduced powerful enemy units to tackle the human sorcery. The reign of human apogee is still unknown; the heroes of the previous battle are the only hope to perturb the motion of these monsters.

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I've looked at the past comments... and you've said you've fixed the difficulty but... I was still able to clear the levels using just my hero....

The game was really repetitive and it was way too easy. There were several maps that were used multiple times, the enemies were only seperated by size, color, and how much they look like a flying squirrel. Nothing was labeled and I had to toy around to understand it. There wasn't a single level in which you needed more than two towers to perfect, let alone leveling up the towers or placing traps. Albeit I didn't read the introduction there was no ending for the game, and it felt like I played through the whole thing for nothing. There should have been more variability in the whole game, as well as some definition. Good for a first game, but it's obviously not so please work on improving your stuff.

creativenandu responds:

changed gameplay now :)

The basic mechanics work well, but the balance is totally off. Once I figured out the hero needed to be first to get any xp, he became the only tower needed. Also, more display to indicate upgrades, prices, and mob stats. Artwork was cool, but didn't help the lack of gameplay.

creativenandu responds:

now its difficult to play test it :)

Typical tower defense.. Good story line... Only thing was it was too easy... Make the game more harder and a little complicated to give players some challenge...

creativenandu responds:

its balanced now ..

One unit tower defence game? It is too easy

creativenandu responds:

now balanced gameplay,check once