TOME Episode 03

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TOME - Episode 03 - Highest Form of Flattery

Flamegirl travels to the bustling ;Mechcity region of TOME for a meet-up with her two friends, Saturndiva and Whyti. The hottest subject seems to be Alpha and his growing reputation after the defeat of the two hackers at ;Lavendera. Alpha and Nylocke head to the city to meet Flamegirl...but just as they get there, two new hackers appear with a much more specific mission than their predecessors. Alpha's popularity has garnered the attention of some strange threatening foes. Will Flamegirl be the one to expose the truth and protect our heroes?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Sarah Williams (Madoka Magica), Apphia Yu (Fairy Tail), Andy Dennis (Cuboy), Kimlinh Tran (Skullgirls), Anthony Sardinha (F-ing Science) and Lucien Dodge (Pokemon: Black & White). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!


Amazing! I loved the improved animation on the talking as well. Whytis voice actor is very good. Keep it up Kirb.

A video game that actually causes pain....yeah, I wouldn't fight Alpha unless I'm GameCrazy's character or something.

This was just the exact same thing as every other cliche/shity anime on TV. Please get original with your content.

your getttig there kinda.

i mean the dialog animation are getting better and the models from it are nice but, whats with the zoom out/ battle animation.
i mean if you can improve in one area, why not every where else.
also a little segestion to the dialog animation, why not stick to one FONT since there ARE VOICES!
so theres no need to changing fonts for every charactor speech. it just feels like its unesseary. Also i would like to add the speech box should look more like....speech box. Take a look at blazblue speech boxes or disgaea. study them. what makes them pretty to read but enjoy the voices at the very same time. or if your going for mmo feel, try playing some MMO with some cool chat bubble. TAKE REFRENcES to those.

enough about speech bubble. let take overall review.

the animation still needs some work. Especially the battle sequence. I really cant feel any weight of power in any of the attacks. abilities look genaric, powerless and emotionless and it mostly suffers from the poor animation style. dont do it fast. before you make your animation fast, make sure you master the ability to add emotion to actions. if you can do that then you would have no prooblem like that.

Voices are alright. Some still i find it alittle poor in The "Direction".
shadyvox still pull the sickest voice. GO BIG! guess thats all for the voice.

sounds are crisp and clear. quality is great. easy to listen to.

scene planning need more work. some scene like the nylock and the hacker scene. that scene can be shortened into half the lenght. the planning for scene just doesn't settle right. make them a bit shorter and condence but filled with info at the same time.

and the over all is not bad. I still find theres allot to to fix up here and especially with the animation for battle sequence.

Dont rush it. spend time on finding a way to show those emotion. i swear muteing the flash would make me believe there were emotionless robots doing battle.

This is not to put you down. this is to help you on future project. Hope you read this.

and i will say this again. Speed is not key. its the research and time that will make your project shine!

im still laughing at Nylocke

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Mar 8, 2012
12:00 AM EST
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