The Fairyland Massacre

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Collect all the parts of the teleporter to help the robot get to the Nerubi war where it belongs. But Fairyland is not that simple either. Go through all ten locations with various magical creatures.


Mouse button or W button for move and attack.

Q - rockets
E - laser
M - map

10 original locations
29 achievements
2 additional powerful weapons + 1 secret skill


I want a sequel.

Nice blend of science fiction and fairy tale plus some excessive violence. Not bad, not bad at all.

PS: For some of you who thought the dragon was invulnerable, yes. The dragon is invulnerable against your weapons. There is a golden skull somewhere near the dragon's area and this is the only possible way for you to defeat the dragon. To trigger the trap, simply pass your robot through the trap and lure the dragon into it.

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Well, what gets allowed a T rating has changed since I was younger.


For those of you having trouble killing the dragon, he's invincible to normal weaponry, but super ultra SPOILER ALERT! There are two golden skulls facing each other, at least one set in the top left middle somewhere. When you walk through them, lightning shoots between the two. The lightning doesn't hurt you, and doesn't have any conceivable affect on the common enemies. Do you see where this is going?

I liked the game, but gosh was it a grind to killing things. Honestly, I wish there were more upgrades, as after you get the laser at around Lv. 15, the game becomes just a grind to mash through every enemy and go get the map pieces, usually involving abusing the terrain to kill the 9 ladybugs that just appeared on screen all around you. I think I spent more time walking into ladybugs than killing anything else in the game...

Great game though. No huge glitches on my computer, fairly easy to grasp, and fairly good at holding attention. The map is designed incredibly well and the music only gets repetitive if you have just spent five minutes killing damn ladybugs...

I look forward to your future works.

awesome game....5 stars for this
great work

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Very addicting game but...

Everytime I respawn enemies respawn with me, I have no idea how to get the super gun, I get swarmed by the enemy way too many times, and as far as I can tell your dragon is invincible.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2012
9:06 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler