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I'm sorry

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What does the M stand for? Mario?

TheShadling worked on this? Where's the porn? I admit to being confused as to what exactly is going on here. It's still quite entertaining. Was there meant to be some deeper message I was unaware of? I kind of doubt it.

The animation was quite fluid in this. I guess certain pig species have more hair than others. I liked him jumping out the window. Anyway that insane probably deserves to die. The voices were pretty funny too.

So what does Redfeather do now?

It was funny lol but like the other guy said in an earlier review I dont get it well I sort of get it but I dont want to say what I think about when I see this lol :) it may offend innocent people so I will leave it at that.Nice animation and for gods sake why did the guy take the innocent bird aka dinner and the nursing pig(she had nipples lol ) and shove them in a suitcase and then just fly out the window hope they are alright lol And I accept your apology this was the crappiest thing I have ever seen well no it wasn't but still lol never make an animation like this again lol:) I gave it a 5/5 in hopes to never see anything else like this :)damn I am terrible at lying I loved it :)

I didn't get it . . . but I think I like it.