Bubble Predator

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The game contains 10 levels loaded with a pure joy and arcade gameplay. Controled originaly only by mouse movement, it provides a fresh and fast gameplay with grading difficulty!

Visit flashlemonade.com/project s/BubblePredator for more info.

For reviewers: I recommend you give me a first impression feedback, then try to progressing at least to 3rd level and give me another. It will help me a lot with the improvements.

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This game like most remind me of the objective to eat smaller just to grow larger and consume around the things that are meant to be eaten. Like a food chain: Food chain games is what I've found a lot on newgrounds lately. Though like most, this one is a bit of a let down.

Very basic, small, no sound or music, level 8 is where I got too before finally deciding and understanding what this game was showing. The progression: Continuing level to level, was a small sense of enjoyment with increasing challenges but nothing new from each level besides that. The same concept for each level is given and nothing that would appeal to some people was there:
Different colors, sounds, music, scores, health: Simply the size changing.

The indication of what you could consume and what you were unable too how ever was very nice and it indeed was a relief to see grey to black or the hue of the simple color.

Though overall, having some thing "Too" simple with a "common" type of objective food chain game , specially with the one's around on newgrounds: I wouldn't mind pointing out actually.

Simple list as: Psychedelic Food Chain is some thing to look in too on newgrounds. Though very glitchy with the flashing lights and movement. At least there is a value of appeal that keeps an interest.

Music and sound is a big big part of video game play that attract and appeal to people. Other then that, your having a game that is only focusing on simply attention: I feel like more like I'm taking a test.

If you want a very interesting appeal of food chain. I suggest looking up also bubble tanks. Though instead of consumption of size. Your breaking down enemies with weapons before growing in to a more deadlier force of weaponry.

Though don't get me wrong, this is a nice game. But with out any appeal except for what the game is and what the game does. Eat, consume, grow, that is all there for this game. This standing out, won't be much.

Experimental it is, and experimental is what you have. Simple and fresh is simple and fresh.
But because some thing is design for what it is, some thing new, simple, fresh, easy, basic, non-complexional: The natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especially of the face or in this case, the color and appearance that this game gives. Far too simple, far too basic.

Keep up the idea though: Suggest you get some music in this game though bro. Other wise this Food Chain game will be like most, underneath the previously existing ones.

If your wondering where to find a list of these "Food chain games."
Check out the skill section of the game tab of newgrounds.
Though your a smart person, you'll be able to find most of these style of games else were.
Keep up the work.

I rarely comment, but when I do it's because the author(s) wants it.
First thing I noticed, obviously the title, it sound cute although in retrospect it doesn't necessarily hit the right mark for this game's title. Next is the game graphics, simple. Nice and also reflects on the simple game. Then lastly the 1st level. Sort of simple gameplay really, I could see similarities to other games simply because it's a avoid and collect games. It was fun.
After level 3 you say? I think level 7 was more of a threshold.
I like the simple touch that the actual cursor was slower than the mouse. it gives a certain gravity of difficulty and gives some people the .20 second moment of doubt in their heads if you need to avoid something.
Okay I'm done with all the "good stuff" time for some real criticism.
I didn't like you difficulty setting. The range was very tight it's like by the last level you were still holding back some difficulty. The breeze stage was too long. I mean level 1-4 was not supposed to be THAT easy. I think the real problem here though is the games tendency to snowball - that is, once you avoid the first few big ones and collect 3-5 smaller ones, everything becomes food. On the other hand, if you get hit by the first few ones or don't reach the smaller ones, you'll eventually be smaller than almost everything. That aspect is not for this game.
On that note, I commend on how you pulled off those semi-homing balls at the cursor. You might want a smaller hitbox for the cursor though, because I think you want this to be semi bullet hell.
Also this might be because I'm bad at perception but the whole stage is too small, or the newly spawned balls surprise me, mostly because the smaller ones doesn't seem to have the semi-homing attribute to the bigger ones in which I find unfair because it creates a whole new dimension of difficulty with the game.
Oh, and 10 levels is really enough. Any more and I think a lot may expect less from the game and will be bored halfway.
Even so, good game, rightfully appreciated and I did what I did - criticize what you want me to criticize.

Defyn responds:

Thanks for perfect criticism :).

I do agree, that the difficulty increase might be set badly and will try work on it. As I am a poor player, Level 7 was just enough for me so the difficulty curve fitted me fine.

As for the hitBoxes, hitting occurs only when the circles intersect (this means the size affects your hitting radius). The fast "snowball" effect was an intent, to be honest. The semi-homings behave this way: They are attracted to you if they are big (dark) and repulsed of you, if they are the bonus ones.

It is like in a "real" life - nothing which can really help you run towards you :D

Thanks a lot

Where the review below by supersdep15 mentions "a bunch of other games", I think they are referring to 'Fishy' and it's various derivatives. This did remind me a bit of that, but with some serious variations. Seems like the levels go by really really quickly, and with the exception of level 10 I passed them all on the first go. Maybe make the levelling up of your guy a little slower, to add a bit more challange and stretch the fun out a bit?

Besides that, the graphics are neat and the whole game runs incredibly smoothly. I had fun playing it for a while =)

Defyn responds:

Thanks for the link to Fishy, I have not seen it before :]

Level 2 intro "since now" = "from now on." Add a way to pause play, and for players to adjust sound and music options to their liking. Mouse doesn't respond equivalently to character on screen, it seems delayed. Good start!

Pretty fun game

Defyn responds:

I like you enjoyed it ;)

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3.22 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2012
6:56 PM EST
Skill - Collect