Tiny Airships

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3-4-2012: Thank you to every one for getting us to the front page! I am super stoked! I am currently working on getting some of the bugs fixed. If you stumble upon any more, please let me(RubiconParadox) know via a PM. EDIT: Just put up a new version which fixes serval issues. The biggest is that you can now play NewGame+ when you beat the game.

There are tons of upgrades, enemies and beautiful pixel graphics. Find more different types of enemies as you progress through the levels and unlock medals.

+ Fast paced shoot'em up gameplay

+ Adventure mode with 15 exciting levels taking place in three different sectors of Metrocadia

+ 3 challenging boss fights

+ 4 Primary Weapons, 4 Secondary Weapons and 4 Airships can be unlocked over the course of your escape

+Survival Mode

+12 Medals to unlock

+ Nostalgia inducing retro graphics

**This game can be hosted for free in your websites.


Very Nice game! This type of shooter isn't really my thing, but the retro game boy look had me playing for awhile. Hell, I've bought Gameboy games that weren't this well put together! (Robocop, anyone? or Fist of the North Star?*) The little things really brought it out: That instant old school soundtrack, background ships attacking, clever enemy ships that don't repeat too much, but do come back around. make it 10 times longer, add some cut sences, and travel back to 1992: This bad boy would get MAD sales. Great job!

*Has there ever been a good Fist of the North Star video game? I've played 3 on 3 systems and they all suck Hard....

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A REALLY good 'half-hour flash-game'. Perhaps where it shines the most is in the 'gameboy' styled "green-ish graphics".
A little feedback,though (which may come since i'm studying design), that minimalist pixel-font is a little tricky to read, and as some had already pointed out, 8s look way too much like 6s, etc. there are a lot more legible 'pixel-based' fonts out there ;D.

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Challenging game, but it is rather addicting. Despite my lack of skill, it's awesome and nostalgic.

Excelent game, You can tell work has been put into this, Its perfectly challenging and beautifully done. Clearly created by someone who is passionate about what he is doing. I can't wait to see more from Rubicon Paridox

This game is really quite entertaining; though it appears that, at least for me the game is bugged. I seem to be unable to play the new game plus and after I beat the game I can fight the final boss endlessly which is hilarious to me mostly because I destroyed the part that your suppose to destroy long after it stopped taking damage (which sounds weird I know but stay with me) and then I just kept fighting the little eye things eventually I killed myself and now I'm flying endlessly through stage 19 while an awesome soundtrack plays.

Now this is pretty cool and all but I would very much like to play the new game plus.

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
5:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight