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Once upon a time on the country outskirts, near to the forest there was a little girl, Nelli, who lived with her father.
From the childhood she had neither toys nor friends, she did not know even day of her birth because she had never received any gifts. Once at night she couldn`t fall asleep. That was why she went out of doors... There she noticed the butterfly of unusual beauty, it was so beautiful that it seemed to come from the fairy tale! And the girl decided to catch it....


The unique magic world!
8 chapters!
Fantastic soundtrack!
Extraordinary abilities!
And a lot of pleasure!

Use the ARROW KEYS to move
SPACEBAR to use objects
[A] and [S] keys to use your special ability

Regards, BlackSquare


It is somewhat similar to Hugo, don't you think?

I had a lot of fun with this game and deeply enjoyed it however the respawn system is completely broken. The graphics were dark yet fairy-tale style which was interesting. The checkpoint/respawn system is the games biggest flaw (and one of its only). I often respawned at old checkpoints and in chapter 5 I started respawning over and over again in the air and kept on dyeing (it went so fast I couldn't even pause the game) so I eventually had to quit because it didn't work. Other than that, it is a fantastic yet fairly short (I was in chapter 5 after playing for 20 minutes). Also, the soundtrack was fantastic and the abilities were fun to use but I wish the game had more than one solution for its puzzles.
Overall opinion: Nelly was a short but sweet platformer with a flawed respawn system.
Great job with the game; can't wait to see more from you!!!

i like this game a lot, but it is very glitchy. when i die, sometimes it transports me to past checkpoints.

Quite amazing. The game's atmosphere seems similar to that of Limbo, except it lacks that ominous feeling you get around every once in a while. The story is charming and the music is perfectly chosen. Great job.

I enjoy the peace that you have created! It is truly worth while game! But .. unfortunately very short

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
12:08 PM EST
Adventure - Other