Jurassic Bug

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This Jurassic Bug is set to get the best prehistoric score ever made to change history. Jump from platform to platform to reach the biggest distance possible. Don't fall into the acid water or you won't survive. Press and hold the left mouse button to set the power and release it to Jump! Help Jurassic Bug to set a new jumping record!

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Concept: simplistic plat former with a prehistoric theme.I was disappointed that the title has little relevance to any aspects of the actual movie or Jurassic park games. considering it copies the Jurassic Park font and all.

Aesthetic: This game looks really nice. Beautiful variation of brown and nice lighting and smoggy special effects. The music is fitting but repetitive as it's the only track in the game but at least you have the option to turn it off.

Game play: As nice as it looks there's not much going for it. I'm not fond of playing very basic games with a high score as it's only incentive it gives very little replay value. Maybe if the game offered power ups, interesting animations, any thing more then the bare minimum of constantly left clicking. It was disappointing that the so-called "acid water" didn't grant me some kind of animated death involving the bugs becoming a skeleton. That would've at least provided a sense of suspense or made the game more interesting to look at. Even then at least go all the way and make the acidic water ACIDIC instead of taking the "overly-kid friendly" route. Not like it had to be rated "M"gruesome it could've been just an instantaneous transition from bug to bug's skeleton without the graphic imagery he could even still be smiling which would've added humor and retain the kid friendly atmosphere.

Overall: This game is pretty much bone dry despite the nice scenery. If this was a art submission I'd praise the hell out of it. But the game play is just boring and to A,B,C basic, if there's a sequel you definitely should add extra content that will keep players interested for more then 10 minutes.


Fun little game, I especially like the varied platforms and persistent maps.

I agree with Ty0101
Perhaps an upgrade system would make it more enjoyable.
Keep up the goodwork

Has potential, keep up the good work bro!

:o not bad

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3.21 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
4:44 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop