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Press enter to chat or change rooms. To get creation powers, sweet talk the owner of the room you're in. (Or start your own room!)



The game is back!!!

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This is a pretty interesting game you've got here. I can see how this could be a great time waster, lol.

i started a new room named hotel,and it sayed is owned by a guy named jessie or something,and i can't make none.

At first glance this game seemed quite boring just a plane old space with mini characters that lets you talk to other people then I realized that this game is so much more. The game for me fits into the category of the game is what you make it.

At first I was just playing around with the blocks in my own world and then started talking to other people and I found my self having lots of fun just being in a world which is relay colorful and just a joy to be in. The chat function is excellent, there could be more blocks to play with but the ones there are good and unique. The game feels relay creative and open and I can not wait to join worlds in the months to come to see what people are creating.

There are a couple of things that need to be improved but these are minor, first of all when you join the game you should be put in a world of your own to start with, I found my self pondering what to do and why I can not create for a good min before I figured out you have to create a world. There is also a couple other minor things but they are too minor to be views as problems.

My last thoughts are that this is a great game and if development is continued it could be a superb game.

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Jiggmin responds:

Thank you for the review!

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3.02 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2012
3:14 PM EST
Simulation - Other