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Endless Memory

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Enter a search word or term and play memory match with the image search results fetched for you.

Endless Memory was born out of curiosity and opportunity, since I was playing around with Google's Image Search API for flash developers and wanted to use it in a game. Google since discontinued that service, so now the game is based on Bing's image search API instead.

The tag cloud was originally made by www.roytanck.com, modified by artViper designstudio www.artviper.net, and now modified further by me.

Enjoy the endless variations!


Go button isn't working for me.

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for the report. It seems to be working fine here, and people have been submitting scores all week, so it's most likely a local problem with your setup or flash player version.

Still broken?

Frederik77 responds:

No, this is a new issue, this time with the ad provider - they're working on it. Thanks for the notice.

go button doesn't work for me =\

Frederik77 responds:

Sorry about that - Bing's image search has transitioned to a new system (Windows Azure Marketplace), so the game has been inactive for a while until today's update. It should work just fine again now, although the search results are a bit slower with the new system.

A nice game, but there's a few things.
First of all, I'd like to comment on the unique system on where you search images in the game itself to provide the things to match.
But there's an error on how the game is played.
Traditional memory card games have the cards placed on the board, flipped over on the front for a few seconds and then turned back down. Without that, I wouldn't really call it a memory game, it's kinda like guessing where things are, or clicking on everything once, wasting a few bits of time, to be able to find all the cards and match them.

Overall, a good game. Nicely done.

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hmm.. good game

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2012
11:00 AM EST
Skill - Other