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Thats my dungeon!

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Let them come! 5 Points

Survive all 3 Tutorials

Good defender 25 Points

beat all maps in chapter 1.

Best defender 50 Points

beat every map in chapter 2.

Great tamer 50 Points

Breed a level 5 dragon.

Speedplayer 50 Points

Win maps in which you early called waves (Using the "lets go" button) 10 early called waves with a factor of 1.5 or better.

The best! 50 Points

Beat all maps on chapter 1 on hard mode

Best of the best 100 Points

Beat every map in chapter 1 and 2 on hard mode!

Author Comments


-added a new medal: the Best! You earn it if you survive all chapter 1 maps on hard mode.

-fixed a bug which sometimes make the heroes unatouchable for your creatures. This should now work well (they are hungry!).

-ghosts do more damage now: 50 instead of 40

thx for playing and bug-reports.

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Can I have an achievement guide??

Another of the many games that never got beta tested. The difficulty is absurdly high and I'd say it is impossible to be beaten in hard.

is crap

This game is fun! I think you should keep making games, I know how hard it could be, i've tried before and mostly failed. Don't listen to the obvious troll under me! Kamikrazi123, he has no idea what he is talking about!

This game really could use some polishing. It seems clearly to be the work of a student in both art and game design.

- can't even tell how to navigate in the main menu (buttons not conspicuous). There is a sign that says play which refers to the intro. I didn't know the tutorial started the game. There's a huge book that says "DONE" that blocks view. The little corners of the pages flip through the book?
-annoying tutorial pop ups that keep interrupting play.
-Needs better interface (implement hotkeys?); drag-&-drop is tedious.
-The buttons are just circles.. (add better GUI with an actual menu that is smaller and doesnt obstruct play).
-You have to wait for your last opponent to run back to spawn for a match to end? You have to press that small home button to get back to main menu? Slow and unfitting sound when you get stars.
-fast forward isn't fast enough (I can hardly tell the difference)
-levels too redunant. add some more dynamic maps.
-enemies and minions fight 1v1 = boring
-rooms need to be more distinguished (artistically speaking). A "ghost"/hologram when your mouse hovers the room would be nice too.
-bug where the spell buttons get frozen on stage and dont work.
-bug where enemies/minions will move through walls and far from room (due to terror spell)
-add more chests (or as upgrade). Add upgrades that help economy.
-upgrades are all the same. No variety.
-spiders are better than the higher tier units because 1v1 mechanic (5v5 retains more enemies. Plus their poison ability is much more useful than the others' spells, especially if spiders placed in the front lines).
+Upgrades seem powerful and satisfying to get initially.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2012
8:08 AM EST