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Desert Fighter

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After a long development and sponsorship process, we proudly present...
"Desert Fighter" :D

Year 2095, somewhere in the old Mojave Desert... Big Papa John will pay you in cash to escort his truckload of kerosene safely to Garage City.

Your car is fast and better equipped than a Spitfire. You'll need both speed and accuracy to fight off the desert's marauders - The Death Scavengers - and their leader, the Mad Red General.

Protect the truck through all 10 levels, collect gold and powerups and upgrade your car for the final battle!

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dont take it the hard way but you DEFENITALLY need more ups and wepons,maybe even a third wepon slot

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks, we definitely do! I don't think we're planning an update, though, but look out for other games with fresh content :-)

Didn't really like that much, it got really repetitive. Some more weapons would be nice, and maybe more upgrades too.Also, it became very challenging after a few levels because of the amount of enemies I had to face.

I liked it. Don't get me wrong. In the beginning it was fun and interesting. But after that it just got really, really repetitive. The difficulty level gradually got higher though, so kudos to that one. The graphics were nice. Nitro speed is insanely fast though. But other then that, yeah. Keep up the good work.

I should have read the instructions more clearly to know that you could fire against your enemies. Even when I didn't have to fire at anyone, I still beat the first level! The helicopters just sort of went away. I'm amazed this didn't win an award, given how high the rating is. It's a good game in itself. I really liked the graphics. It was freaking amazing how many different enemies could come to you at one time!

I like how it says you fought a glorious fight even when you lost. What it said when you won wasn't too bad either. I like all the action and destruction going on. You even have some nice varieties of environments on the levels. These enemies can be hard in numbers.

This is a very interesting mix of shooting and driving... I like this game now! Great Job :)

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.