Bugged Bunny

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Collector 5 Points

Collect first Item on a game

The Buyer 5 Points

Able to buy upgrades

Bunny Flash 25 Points

Bunny reached his top speed

Carrots Badge 25 Points

Collect 50 carrots

Halfway 50 Points

Bunny reached 500 meters

Home Sweet Home 50 Points

Bunny is finally home

Author Comments

Help this bunny to reach his home. Avoid the sharp obstacles but collect the special shoes and carrots. Buy upgrades so he can last longer.

Now with NG Medals.....Thank you very much Mr. Tom!

Play Again fixed.


Fun and silly game

I have seen all kinds of games from so-so ones to some really fantastic ones, So i am always looking for something new and exciting, and with this one you have certanly peaked my interest, because this game had some nifty stuff about it. Not a bad game for just 1 meg, The medals are pretty decent allthough you were abit light on the medals, but still pretty good. and let me say congrats on the "INSTRUCTIONS" that was simple and easy to understand, the game was short and more of a silly game but it was still an entertaining game, could use some more medals. I always have a little caution with games like this Or game submissions like this They can be tricky to do and even review, so some extra work could go into them but for the mostpart, You have it down, So props to you for the effort.

that was a nice game. the graphics and music were pretty sweet and the gameplay was quite nice. the default controls were notbad, as for the game itself nothing i'd play all the time, but a great way to pass the time. a decent game if you ask me theres a few things you could make better though here are some ideas. The onlything this game could use would possibly be more medals, and some morelonger viewing in front of you, just something to think about and it would show more results on this one.

Nice upgrades and gameplay still a bug on the play again part....

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Haha this game was fun and had replay value to get max stats and rewards. Good job!

It's cute and simple, but there is something that bugs me about it (no pun intended). Why is it that a ladybug, snail, dragonfly, and bee are literally MURDERING the bunny? What is up with that? Why would three normally harmless creatures and a bee want to do that? It makes things feel darker if you think about it.

Also, I am aware of the "Play Again" bug. It just goes to the background and does nothing (until you hit TAB a few times and then Enter. Could you fix that?

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pinoygamegeek responds:

Yeah, One thing I missed about during the dev't of this game is the story, hehe..
ATM I'm fixing that bug, sorry for the that, it may take a little while because of the booleans in my game
which I myself is getting a little confused..:-(

Not bad pretty easy the items to collect are kind of hard to see against the background it is probably the reason I played this more like a idle game click start then go to different tab and come back after you hear him die. Got all badges other then bunny flash. Also wanted to point out that the play again tab is buggy when hit it changes screens but distance is at 0 and nothing happens and the main menu tab on the same page is also buggy and does nothing when clicked on.

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3.13 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2012
12:36 AM EST
Action - Other