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Ducky Jones Prototype

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You play as Ducky Jones, a half duck half cyborg character as he manoeuvres his way through the countryside avoiding those pesky bunny bastards.

NEW LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I believe in an agile development approach . I will start out simple, find out what people want and put it in. Eventually more medals will be added, based on a high score with low death count, speed of level playthrough, dudes killed, jumps accomplished etc. This was just a case of getting a game up, and then fixing and adding as I went along

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I think there is a bug where you can't finish the game.. ( can't get a medal ofcource )
when I reach the end, the duck just dies and goes back to the beginning <,<
also, I think over9000 medal is broken..
can you plz PM me if you fix them ?

wonder why it ts an adult game when all you do is driving a duck tank.

some achievements don't work- OVER9000! and Goddammit Youre Persistent

Hey, it seems like the medals don't work. Maybe you should fix this, right? After that, PM me, plz.

Game's shit

Where's my credit, bitch? :D

makehimanoffer responds:

You've got an ingame credit. Plus, you should have got an invite now