Heart Breaker

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So yeah I decided to use this game to ask my girlfriend to marry me. She Said Yes...thank you sara!

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Well I liked it... The game is actually relaxing, with a calming music, and with 0% chance of losing makes it that much more playable... It actually made me play it a few times. Without any restrictions given like how many shots I can make, or what I can or cannot shoot, I could play this game whatever way I wanted.

I rapidly clicked the mouse for rapid fire destruction of hearts, or take slow aimed shots to reduce amount of bullets I used (Despite having infinite bullets)

A heads up to gamers who will be attempting this game: This game has no real objective, and there is no way you can lose as stated before.

As a reviewer, I believe that our duty is to review the game, not only just on the basis of our emotions. Comments like "Terrible game", "Don't play it", "It's a piece of crap" without any foundation to base those claims, are in fact terrible reviews, even worthless.

That kind of reviews make the game look bad without any reason, and turn most people away without them having a complete knowledge of why not to play. The developer, had put in the effort to put the game together, and post it out in the internet for many people to criticize, the very least we as reviewers can do is give them the basic respect of reviewing their work with thought.

Reviewers have no need to display their ignorance, unhappy with the game? Vote it low, do not give your very much unneeded "review"

It's cute.
It's very simple and all that stuff, but this seems like something of a "Game that isn't a game"
I'm giving you a five. Not so much for the game it's self, but for having the balls to propose to your girl in such a charming and creative way.

terrible game, don't play and it is a piece of crap

sara...you just make the worst decision of you're life '0'

Kind of pointless. Good physics on the cannon I guess. I tried to hit the no but apparently this game just doesn't take no for an answer.

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1.64 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2012
2:20 PM EST
Action - Other