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Super Samurai Sweeper

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Defeat the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun, and restore peace to the land! As the Samurai, you will have to choose your battles carefully to overcome the enemiesâEUTM forcesâEU¦


The spy consumable does not work if you are out of turns when you buy it. It increases the number of clicks on the counter but does not allow you to explore new tiles.

Awesome game! I love it! You should make another game like this and put more upgrades for the characters! Its pretty hard but I love it! You should make a game mode where you start out with 1000 silver and 500 exp and its all you get and you try to survive! Pretty good game though :)

Good game, but I have a couple suggestions to make:
1. You should be able to control your character, and to be able to switch from character to character, but the other characters auto fight when not controlling them
2. Beating areas should not make your enemies stronger, but make for example you characters stronger and just level up all of the enemies a bit instead.
3. Put more things in the market! The bonuses and upgrades are not enough, need moar!

Overall, great game. I love games with ninjas/samurais like these.

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The only reason why this game does not have 5 full stars is because unless you think out a plan from the 1st level, you can easily be stuck in a situation in which you cannot win. It was fustrating the first time around until I finally got it. However, this game is very fun, and an excellent rendition of minesweeper. Totally recomended.

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A good original game, but i think the controls are a little bit limited for me. if i were you i wouldve designed it so that you could actually fight when you reach a conflict.

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2012
9:53 PM EST
Adventure - Other