Minesweeper Arena

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Minesweeper Arena is a minesweeper game where players have to battle each other on the minefields. Sweep the field as fast as possible to show others who's the best minesweeper.
Be the first to discover the power-ups hidden in the fields to help you, or crush any hope your opponent might have.

Click to discover blocks.
[ F ] to place flags.
[ E ] to use power-ups.


It has potential, hopefully we can see this game evolve into something great as time goes on. So far this game's fatal flaw is that not enough people are playing it at once. So getting the game more traffic and getting an AI option should make this game great for minesweeper fans like myself.

Revenger33 responds:

Thank you. I certainly hope so. So far the server was live for 5 hours with only 1 crash, the source of the crash was already fixed. It has proven itself stable so I'm looking forward to developing the game as much as I can.

not a bad idea.

I think upping the graphics to make the game more accessible would be a start, also before people start or join their first game I think there should be a pop-up that walks them through a tutorial and explains at least some basic logic, 9 times outa 10 I played clueless beginers and could win just by waiting for 30 secs if I wanted too, it is a great concept though and would be epic with some work :)

Revenger33 responds:

Thanks :) . I am working as much as possible on this. Hopefully, with the community's help, I will be able to make this into the game minesweeper fans will enjoy.

cool but need to be able to go single player or vs a computer player instead of just other people but good none the less

Revenger33 responds:

Thank you for your comment. I think there are plenty of single player minesweepers out there, I am thinking about the AI idea though.

The Multiplayer thing is a good idea. But i got bored.
I understand this is a Beta stage, and i hope you improve this game soon.
P.S: I suck at this.

Revenger33 responds:

Thank you. It is an awfully early release, I know, but I really needed to check the stability and performance of the server before going on any further.

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2.88 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2012
4:41 PM EST
Puzzles - Other