Create a Gun V3.8

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Well this is it. Finally released. Hope everyone is happy.

This is the last Create a Gun game I will make in a long time. I'm currently in a Flash Class at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and I am learning all sorts of new things. the big thing is that I am learning Action Script 3.0. CAGV3.8 is built entirely in AS 2.0, so from the ground up I am rebuilding the Create a Gun franchise. It will be a chore, and a time-waster. Can't wait :)

So, this is the game. I originally intended it to be called Create a Gun V4, but it is basically V3 with a facelift. Nothin special. So I crossed out all the V4 crap and wrote V3.8 instead. I hope you people enjoy this game, cause you're not getting anything new for a while (at least not anything CAG related).

Good bye.


I really like this game but it don't get a 5 from me because there isn't enough space so everything is cluttered up. Also there needs to be more sniper rifles. Especially bolt actions. Some WWII stuff the you can customize would be cool to. It would be cool if you made a "Create a Tank" or something like that. Also to title all your categories with "Scopes" or "Stocks" and make it more simple would be nice cuz' sometimes this crap doesn't make sense. And more pistols and better customization for them would REALLY be nice.

Entertaining, and fun, I sure hope to see more out of this :D

i foud this game vary fun and if you havente playd this game you shoud. it lets you creat your own gun

Awesome! This is even better than the last.

The only thing stoping me from giveing 5 stars is the lack of possibilities dor bullpub guns.
If the Ejection ports would go over the stocks that would be great.

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2012
10:57 PM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set