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Death Embrace Escape 2

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Author Comments

Find objects and clues to guide you to the exit and escape!

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None of this makes any sense. no idea where to click or what the objective really is...

i liked this game it was scary and challegding
just seeing face pop up evry minute was pointless

If youre stuck, that is not a screen, thats a showcase with jars in it. and, not the syringe on that one.

-- slight spoiler can't (please read like British pronounciation) be avoided --


+ in general, all puzzles are solvabel through thinking and patience (as opposed to part one)
+ Graphic is nice
+ pickable objects are easy to distinguish from environment

- Door will dispaly open but handeld closed if both are up
- Placement of keyboard not clear enough
- BSoD at the end
- acoustic ambient in general non fitting to the point where muting is a must
- you (as the player) should give some indicator when the screen flashes red
- time limit (beath by Virus) should be implemented
- Notes and other stuff should lie around as background information

Final Verdict:

Half Decent Game with strange BSOD at the end
for effort thats 1 Star

nuff said.