Wonders: Foodmatron

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Our second short: Attack of the Foodmatron!

Rodney just wants to relax after a hard days work... but the automatic food dispenser has other plans!

By Toonwerks

Written by: Omahdon and Xiphon
Animated and Directed by: th1rt3en
Character Art by: LegendaryFrog
Background Art by: Xiphon
Voices: Omahdon, D-Mac-Double, th1rt3en, BOE
Title Art by: BOE


A lot of fire ants

It helps that you guys manage to keep up the great animation. I think this is one of the few times where a collab was organized for something that kept a consistent story and art style. It's so nice to see all you talented people doing so much. There don't even seem to be that many voices in this, yet there are so many people credited! This really gives the sense that this website is a great community. Why would anyone order red ants like that?

Then again, the fish guy says they apprently have some use. It's funny to see this guy get more frustrated as it goes on. I can only imagine what horrors are going on inside that room. I really like how the guy has a girly voice at the end of the cartoon. It's great to see how this series is progressing so well and I hope you all continue to work on it.

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I'm really starting to enjoy this series!!!!!!
I so cannot wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great work overall

I thought the flash was pretty funny until the fireants joke. That one just didn't go over for me, probably because it was a bit random and the timing for that one was a bit off.

I really like the series in general, and I really wish you keep it up of course. This series is really entertaining, I just thought the ending could use some work. It's of course only my personal opinion, other people might like it.

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Toonwerks responds:

That's a fair assessment. Personally, I (th1rt3en) feel we're better suited for longer stories that don't need the rapid-fire pacing that shorts generally require. Thanks for the review!


you guys never fail to impress me


One of the best series of Flash animations on Newgrounds. Consistently excellent work with audio, animation and writing. Keep up the good work!

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2012
5:55 PM EST
Comedy - Original