Shaving time !!

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I did this for an entry to win a contest here in Mexico. The man idea was to use that stupid razor product and make something fun or interesting, thats why at the start appears the razor.

There were a lot of good videos and mine was the only animated, at the end the ones who won the stupid contest were hired by the same publicity company which made the contest, everything was arranged at the start this is how it works here in Mexico, we (the particpants) found out that was a another scam contest to get a lot of likes to their facebook page.......

I know my video wasnt that good to get the price but there were others which were really good and they didnt win.

Anyways I kinda enjoyed doing this stuff. this animation is experimental and its my 5th attempt doing animation, I will listen to the all good criticism!! thx



I really hope SOPA doesn't get this removed. This little gem needs to live forever!

Amazing job, man!

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Take me on is the best!

I'm with any user who says they are a sucker for 80's music, but this song specifically was on this movie my friends and I made and on Family Guy. So damn funny and tight!

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ahh yes i remember this one hit wonder song very clearly it was a big hit (just like that rick rolled song) in the 80's i see how you wanted to make it look just like the song and u did and epic ass job of it fuck those ppl with the fake contest here man on ng ur a true winner hopefully we can see more work like this in the future dont let that contest be ur achilles heel great work 10/10 5/5

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you can make anything cool if its a cartoon

its a well animated cartoon, i enjoy this type of thing in particular because the way the hair and shading changes in each movement, that combined with the motion of something like shaving made this video fantastic.

the choice of 80's music was also a good idea.
10/10 5/5

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Great homage...

... to the original "Take on me" video from a-ha !
Man, those vid made MTV popular in the 80s, back in the days when music channels were new and they show music 24h a day.

Most people seem to think that "only" the music inspired you but I'm pretty sure it was the genuine vid from 1985 which finally made you try this particular style?
It's really good, guess Morten Harket from a-ha would like it, too bad that you added it to a fake contest :-\

Well, at least it's a win for NG, thx for upping this!

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ralyax responds:

You are right, I got inspired from the A-ha music video, I love how the pencil shades and textures looked so I tried to simulate that in flash and even added the paper texture, was an intense frame by frame animation but really worth the time and effort. :)

im so happy you liked it

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Jan 15, 2012
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