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Mystic Forest

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Author Comments

A little girl wakes up in the middle of an enchanted forest, and it launches the start of her new adventures.

Heya Newgrounds! Sorry I haven't contributed much to the flash scene lately. It seems that lately I have just had a great desire to make an animation, but I was looking for inspiration. Luckily, I found an awesome song by the amazing Newgrounds composer, AshleyAlyse, and it was just begging me to turn it into a flash. :D I basically just used her story, and threw in some other elements. I hope you guys like it!
PS: Sorry it is sloppy. But that is with all my flashes. I usually end up being too lazy for any touch up work in the end. Also, I was going to color her eyes, but I actually thought they looked better uncolored. Just a style choice, lol. Anyway, enjoy. Please don't be too hard on me, lol. But nah. I love you all! You guys rule!


PS: Here are some refs and links to all of the sounds I used from Freesound.org. I tried to put them in at the end of the animation, but it screwed up the entire thing when I did, and it crashed my computer while rendering. :P
Freesound.org Sounds and Voices:


morning_in_the_forest_200 7_04_15.wav by reinsamba
people/reinsamba/sounds/3 3827/

running leafy area loop.wav by bevangoldswain
people/bevangoldswain/sou nds/54780/

2_takes_bats.aif by thanvannispen
people/thanvannispen/soun ds/29845/


Rain30s.mp3 by acclivity
people/acclivity/sounds/2 2037/

Waterfall2.mp3 by bullockjs
people/bullockjs/sounds/4 4474/

Pour water into coffee cup.wav by jocobhanderson
people/jakobhandersen/sou nds/133828/


01543 flying dragon.wav by Robinhood76
people/Robinhood76/sounds /93570/

Monster 2.wav by Sea Fury

Monster 4.wav by Sea Fury

beast breathing.wav by THE_bizniss
people/THE_bizniss/sounds /37822/


Adrianna Scream5 different.wav by Vampirella17
people/Vampirella17/sound s/82402/

Frightened Breathing.aiff by nickrave
people/nickrave/sounds/11 2557/

FEMALE GIGGLE.wav by Hell_quote_s Sound Guy
people/Hell_quote_s%20Sou nd%20Guy/sounds/15288/

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This is pretty amazing. I do hope that there's a sequel to this despite three years having passed by since its creation.

An excelent little flash. Although some of the animation was a bit rough it looks like the start of something exceptional and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you. I hope to make better animations in the future. :)

Good job but it looks unfinished.

Jessismith responds:

Well, it's just very hastily thrown together I guess. Most of my animations have an unfinished look...jsut because I don't have the time or energy to work any more on them. But thank you very much.


This video is just marvelous!!!
It has a good story, great fantasy, I'm just a huge fan of dragons since childhood, with my silly dreams of riding one (since I can't, I'm gonna get one tattooed XD).
The animation is really good, even if it is sloppy, it goes really well with the fantasy-telling style. The light colors work very well with the music, it has this amazing bond animation-song that one complements the other having a huge greater effect upon the viewers.
And last but not least, the music. It's marvelous, gorgeous, it is also kind and delicate, with this great feeling of freedom. Besides, the story Ms. Ashley wrote for the song it's just perfect for it's elements. With the strings and harp, giving a sweet mood to the environment of the song, although the flute gets a little repetitive like a ostintato leading in the first stage. But nonetheless it's a huge piece of artwork worth of an animation.
It all reminds me of a dream I had a couple of years ago, one of the few I can remember, although it wasn't a dragon, but more like a huge 2 stories pegasus.

Thank you so much for your work, hopefully you'll be doing more like this one. And keep it up, always up, both of you.

Jessismith responds:

It is good to see another dragon fan. I live to draw and to animate them. Also good to know that someone else has awesome dragon dreams. And a dragon tattoo? That's amazing! If I ever got a tattoo, that's what mine would be too! :D
Thank you so much, Erick!(I think that's your name, lol) I'm so glad to hear its effect on you, wonderful to hear also, that the animation compliments the music. I really drew all inspiration from that music, trying to time everything perfectly. And it is one tune that never gets old. Hearing this review, and knowing that I accomplished all that I was trying to accomplish, brings me so much joy. I'm very grateful. And I'm sure that Ms. Ashley would really appreciate your kind words as well. Indeed, her song is a real work of art.
Thank you for such an intricately detailed and wonderful review, friend.
That dream you had sounds like a good one....very imaginitive.
I am honored to inspire such people as yourself. Thank you again for taking the time to plan out such a well thought out review. Bring me joy and tears. I plan to keep inspiring others with my gift, as I know Ashley always will too. It honors me to cater to wonderful people like you. And keep watching. There will be more stuff to come. :)

Friendly Critique

Nice choice of music.
Water animation good.
Trees and flurries very well animated.
Depth perception is B+.

Walking animation needs LOTS of work.
Grass and ground needs more dimension.
Audio cuts in and out spastically throughout.
Title "Mystic Forest" is quite unoriginal.
Hair needs more frames than 3 bobbing up and down, and changing size and place in the frame.
Layout needed, like a title menu and an ending menu.

Voted a 7/10 for hopes that it will improve the next time.

Jessismith responds:

Well, thanks for taking the time to critique. I know this looks kind of cruddy, but it was just a quick something I threw together in my spare time for fun. I know that the walking animation needs a lot of work. I've never been any good at walking animations, and that was quickly thrown in anyway. And I agree on the grass and ground. I can't help the audio. It is just a glitch in the software rendering. I'll admit, I got very lazy with the hair and all. Stuff was taking forever, and I'd rather a sloppy frame by frame than have it flat with just tweening, like most folks do. I don't use flash to make my stuff, so I could not have a menu. Anyway, thank you. I don't know if there will be any improvement. I've always been a really horrible artist. I just animate for fun. :P