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Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers

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Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers is a puzzle game where you take on the challenge of combining parts of the puzzle tree to form a correct equation.

Drag and drop the orange signs to the empty places to complete the equations.

One game mode of the App Store game 'Puzzle Bonsai' (available iPhone and iPad as a universal build)


frustrating bug on level 7 hard

not bad game, but on level 7 hard seems to be a bug. two numbers seem to overlap -number 14 with something else. It does not seem to be two numbers 14, since a valid solution is not recognized.


since it does not recognize this, it seems that there are two overlapping circles with number 14 on top and unknown number below.

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gimblll responds:

Argh, I can't believe I did that. I changed that puzzle at the last minute and didn't notice that the circles overlapped, since I just tested correct the solution. The hidden number is a 7. I tried to upload a fixed version just now, but I don't know if it'll show up immediately or not. Sorry!

Uh huh... How about a "how to play"

It looked really great, I'm sure it plays well too... if I knew how.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just fine at math: but you broke one of the critical rules of game creation:

MAKE A TUTORIAL IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE VAGUE IN YOUR GAME'S GOAL DESCRIPTION (especially if the game is in any way technical)

I'm supposed to do something with the numbers on the trees to satisfy some sort of condition, but you never told me what that was. Are both sides supposed to be the equal? Is this like prime factorization or something? Ancient voodoo?

I'm currently on level 1 and clueless. It makes for a fun game I assure you... the "what is the game" game is a timeless classic.

It's extremely aggravating since this game looks very well done in any other sense. Art style etc. But you leave me no other option than to shrug and plug in guesses until the game tells me what it actually wants from me.

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gimblll responds:

Well, this is puzzling indeed. The game is supposed to teach you while you start from the easiest puzzles and continue onwards. It just doesn't call it a tutorial mode. I guess I should've tried to make it clearer somehow still. Hint: The equation forms a tree and the result is at the bottom. Does that help? Are you sure you picked the easy mode at first, the latter difficulties might be a bit confusing initally?

Great game....

I really like this game so far. Stuck on level 8 though... see if you can track my logic...

8 + 2 = 10

10 - 8 = 2

8 x 6 = 48

48 + 2 = 50

shouldn't that work... you try it

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gimblll responds:

I think your thinking goes wrong at the 10 - 8 = 2 part, because the equations are always interpreted the game by going from left to right. So that is actually 8 - 10 = -2 (and you can probably work out the solution from that). Thanks for the message though so I can try to make it clearer in a future version.


Nice game, just not my strong point, (maths).... The music was perfectly matching, gave you time to think :)

The animation and graphics where nice and simple and complemented the music nicely ... good job for those interested in maths equations

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gimblll responds:


Great game!

A great mind game, especially for children or someone who wants to jog their math skills a bit. I used to be a math teacher and I believe this app would be great for students just learning basic algebra.

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gimblll responds:

Thanks! Yeah, that's basically what I had in mind when I initially started doing this game. I have no idea how I could get in touch with anyone wanting to try this application at schools, so the current levels are quite hard. But it would be pretty cool to make a 'kids' version if someone actually was interested. :)

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Jan 12, 2012
8:15 AM EST
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