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Generic Skyrim Movie

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I didn't make a parody movie in a while, so I started working on this one about two weeks ago, and the project was constantly slowed down by depression. Nevertheless, I pushed myself and fought my bad thoughts to finish it.

I voiced Dovahkiin, and as a special guest, my older brother voiced Link.


Edit #1: 11th place of the week for week ending 1/11/12. What's funny is that I ALSO got 11th place of the week for House of Apparition. Lol.
Edit #2: Front-page yey

About the "Ultra" Quality Setting: Yes, there is in fact a difference between "High" and "Ultra". Ultra quality will smooth out JPEG and PNG images and bring them to max quality while they are not static. High quality will do the same, but only if the images are not moving. Most of the background pictures in this video are PNGs.

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lol come here I gotta tell u a secret.....NOS-FORR-UUTTAAA!!!!! lol poor Link he should never talk to strangers)

I hate hearing about the water temple...
It took me only 30 minutes to CLEAR it on my first playthrough!
Guide? No.

Cmere link...lemme tell you a secret...

Shattered link.

I got to tell you a secret... FOS RO DAH!!! Epic

really nice i wish that was in the real skyrim

I hope that skyrim online will be like this
If so im definately buying it