Toons These Days: Ep. 3

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The last of the three pilot episodes, with hopefully more on the way.

I wanted to change it up this time and have Doggy do something during the review. Probably won't do is again, maybe just have him stay in a set location.

My personal opinion on Adventure Time: it can be pretty fun to watch sometimes, but more often than not I find it either boring, or a little too bizarre.


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goooood :D

finally..................................he reviews this hybrid of a cartoon thank you doggy everythings weird just UHG this show it made me stop eating snappers

I liked the idea of an old cartoon character reviewing current cartoons but I feel the references of Pikachu and Super Mario brothers was really out of place I know it was there to make some valid points but what el-cid said isn't he suppose to be a an old fart reviewing new shows does he review video games too? I don't know anyone that old would know Mario and Pokemon well enough to reference them like that unless they had grand kids that played those games. I think what would've been better if Doggy referenced older cartoons from the 30's and 20's like Betty Boop, Popeye, and koko the clown to make some comparisons to the newer shows. Since he's an older guy (Well...dog) it wouldn't hurt to do some more research on what was popular back in those days of the old classic cartoons. Don't be afraid to ask your grandparents on what those days where like they could help you come up with some funny gags for your show and maybe they'll tell you funny stories they had experienced once. I'm not saying they need to help write this series 24/7 i'm just saying in case you run out of ideas or having writers block just ask them about it or ask your folks about it whichever one works for you. Another reason why I don't like how you referenced Pokemon and Mario is because it kinda feels like your taking the easy way out, and what I mean by that is when someone doesn't know how to write a joke or a scene in something they just make a reference to something that's popular like in those new Dr. Seuss movies (specifically The Lorax and Cat In The Hat) where they have all these pop cultural references that are painfully in your face. I know Mario and Pokemon are fantastic video games I'm a huge Nintendo fan myself and I really really hate comparing them to the pop culture but Mario and Pokemon are so popular now that when I see it in something that's trying to be original and different on how it's reviewing shows and it just gets referenced just like the way it was here it just feels awkward and kinda feels like pandering to the fans. But to be fair it's not really an easy fix because like I said earlier your were making some points on what the show is like, but here's what i think you should do if Doggy's going to reference something like Mario and Pokemon if he's gonna make comparisons to something like Mario and Pokemon make it more obvious that there's a reason for why he's reverencing them make it more clear on how he knows Pokemon and Mario because what i said a while ago maybe his grand kids played those games and he talks about his kids always sitting down in bean bean chairs playing the old Super SNES while he's sitting in his big couch reading the newspaper. Where it goes something like this "Whoa these worlds in Adventure time are just like those games my grand kids played back in the day, Those games with those colorful critters that try to electrocute each other or "Those games with them plumbers that jump on blocks all day," or I don't know something like that. You could even make it where he pronounces the name of the games wrong like instead of Pokemon he says "Poke-mans Hoke-mon" OR with Mario Brothers "the Popeye brothers" which is funny because popeye was around those old black and white days and Mario originally started off as a Popeye video game during the olden days. Other than that I liked it, the animation was okay, and the dog's reaction to Adventure time was funny. I'm not trying to mean or anything I just think what I've told you will really help you out. Keep it up bud just make sure you have fun, but also don't regard constructive criticism either take care.

Before the review of Adventure Time: He likes the show, doesn't he...
After the review of Adventure Time: I'm in love with Doggy!

Sorry to question, but that "Pikachu" is a dog.

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