Butter Notch

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Hello again newgrounds! Over xmass I had 2 spare days and decided to do this silly animation about Butter Notch. For those of you not in the know ButterNotch is an idea that the yogscast and others came up with when chatting in a live stream. They were talking about an occasion when Notch was in an interview and brought up the lack of butter currently in Denmark. (There having a butter shortage.)

Weird, obscure, and dumb I know. However I haven't touched flash since my last flash here on newgrounds and I really thought I'd like to keep at it. (Improve through practice and whatnot.)

Also HUGE thanks to Adam-Beilgard for doing my audio! Your the best man. /brohuguntillitgetscreepy

P.S. If anyone knows why I had such a hard time with file size please let me know it took me forever to mess with it to get it under the 10 mb limit.

[edit] Added a pre-loader as you have all requested. :)


butter notch

my favorite flavor

Notch rubbing butter on himself= win

Author's Response:
why do I need 2 add preloaders?

He told you why, and i agree :P. Preloaders help so it doesn't just pause to load mid flash.

Besides that great sub!!

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i agree with Pygyli

preloaders are always a good idea.they allow the viewers of your flash to enjoy it more because its smoother (aka not cutting off every few seconds) epecially with songs like this.

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chuckledarkly responds:

Ah I see well I'll be sure to do that next time.

That was strange...

Serious, this video was very, very strange... But, not bad, I still somehow liked it!

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Free tip!

Add preloaders on your movies/games and they won't render while I'm trying to watch this.

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4.42 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2012
3:19 PM EST
Comedy - Original