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I really hope you like our newst Pool game :)

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Nice, just needs aome fine-tuning


The game has some loading issues. Sometimes, I'd get a blank screen with partial graphics on it. This happens once, when playing the first game, and once after I completed the first game.

When I scratch, I'd like to be able to sport the ball where I want, in the appropriate range of course.

Should be able to hit the ball a little harder, even on full force.

The music was annoying, and the loop was too short. I do like how you can mute the music and keep the sound effects. I also like the rail sound effects and polish associated with making a shot as well.

Would like to see bonus points provided when a more complex shot or a longer shot is made.

The UI at the top interefer a little when you want to use that space to aim and shoot.

Other than those, very nice. Add some multiplayer (or computer opponent in 8-ball mode) to this, and you could have a much cooler game too.

- Ziro out.

Not bad, but incomplete and needs minor fixes

Overall works pretty good.

Longer music, or different kinds of would be nice. and if you're going to use a loop, make sure it's cut perfectly, the ones you used jump a little...

You need to have more space around the table, otherwise you can't really throw with force if the ball is near one of the sides.

After finishing the first round nothing happens. It just goes to a new window where you can only go back or click on more games... Submitting isn't working either (still under judgement)

Nice job so far, keep working on it.

Difficult to control, but still enjoyable

Overall a good pool simulator, though there are one or two issues with the game itself, that must be addressed. The game itself is nice and I can get used to playing it after a frame or two.

I feel that the controls are set up wrong - why not aim the mouse pointer at where you're going to make contact with the ball, as opposed to where you're making contact with the white. Unless you move that about, you're going to hit it in exactly the same orientation on the ball anyway, with dead centre your default.

I couldn't see or work out how to change the striking point on the cue ball, which was a shame - this limits the mechanics of the game and ultimately lowers the power of the break, as I tend to play them with a lot of top spin.

The music is annoying and the button to remove it is very small - please make the interface more user friendly, as it will help you out. Similarly, sorting the mechanics out will benefit your game, as the cushions take too much out of the ball and committing a foul doesn't seem to have an effect on the game.

Finally, the cue power is lacking somewhat. Pulling the cue back as far as it will go leads to a very tame shot overall. I can hit the ball harder than that and I'm not the most powerful pool player ever to hit the baize.

I like this game, though i feel you can do more with it.

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3.50 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2012
1:23 PM EST
Sports - Other