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New Revision: Level 2 doesn't require superhuman abilities to complete.

Launching missiles, blowing stuff up, and flying in circles, all combined into a single game! Blast your way through 12 frantic levels filled with a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and upgrades.

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move. Press and hold the mouse button to lock-on to targets. Release the mouse button to fire missiles.

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This game it's so epic. And with that awesome music, it is a super ultra epic awesome shooting game. The best multidirectional shooter I ever played!
The game comands are perfect,
You click, lock on enemies and release the mouse to shoot.
The difficulty level of the game it's well balanced, not so hard, not so easy.
Also, I think this game can work so well on ipad or iphone.
It's awesome, it's epic, I LOVED IT.

Very nice game. Love the level of difficulty. Very frantic and fast paced,i like it. Level 9 is quite a turnoff though,Difficult-to-kill ships with high health levels are not a good combination.

I have a question though. In the upgrade section,what does upgrading 'Regen' do?

marmph responds:

Your ship regenerates health slowly over time. The regen upgrade increases the rate at which this occurs.

For those who are reading reviews.

The developer of the game has fixed almost ever bug and issue people have mentioned so far. So don't worry about those. :)

Great game, Love the music though the end of the loop could use a smoother transition and maybe make the whole loop longer. Other than that the controls are great and the visuals are 'thugnificent'. :3

marmph responds:

Thugnificent? That has to win for the greatest adjective ever.

i really liked this game

that being said i do have to say i had a very hard time with level 2 i was usinf the basic missile and i just could not beat it i tried for about an hour i can only kill 7 of those dang torpedo ships and i had maxed out my missiles and was shooting 6 targets at a time but other then that i had a lot of fun with this game

fuction before form

In most cases, flash games are a delicate balance between function and more. Poorly coded games, no matter how beautiful, are just intolerable. However, a game that struggles artistically can still be playable. Sadly, I found this game intolerable. It's lovely to look at, and I'm so thankful there is a mute button, but the biggest flaw was the firing system, The bullets are beautiful, and the physics engine is charming, but it's so inefficient for the player. I was frustrated far to quickly to even bother beating the game before writing my review. Watching my bullets spiral around the target aimlessly because of the semi-authentic centrifugal force to velocity mechanism (despite being 'locked on') was aggravating. I was glad there was a freezing weapon available early on, but any strategy I employed (and I can assure you, I'm quite good at these sorts of games) proved limited by the game mechanics. I always look for a game that responds intuitively to my level of game play. Difficulty settings, and quick response times are important to great game play.
I don't think the average player has the capacity to negotiate themselves on the fast-paced 2d surface, extrapolate trajectories for their ships movement, and still be able to place themselves in the proper angle to have their ammo fired in a direct line to guarantee the hit - all at the same line. It's time to lower your difficulty for the earlier levels.

Great idea, it's a lot of fun, and I'm really glad the tutorial was short and sweet. I can't stand long-winded explanations of games that only need a hot-key list. Keep producing, and remember to keep your audience's needs at heart when you get to the point where you have to decide what the true goal of the game is: an interactive story, moving art, or self-gratifying entertainment.

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2012
12:54 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional