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I hope all you SH fans out there enjoy this Silent Hill quiz. It took me a couple of days to finish. This is my first experience with creating a flash, so if you notice anything wrong, please contact me about the problem.

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i do not know the first one but i play Silent Hill: Homecoming

I think the quiz is somewhat accurate but it should have music and Claudia didn't kill Harry Mason A monster did but Claudia gave the order

How come it's not Harry Mason?
i thought he was trying to find his daughter...
Or maybe you're talking about another one?

Quite a lot more needs to be added

First off, some sort of background music. Preferably anything from a SH soundtrack since this is a quiz about it. Matches the theme I guess.

I would recommend not making the person doing the quiz start all over to the beginning after every time they get a question wrong. I am a fan myself, but it has been quite a while since I've played any of those games. Do you expect someone to remember everything? Just keep a tally of every right and wrong answer, so when they finish all the questions they get to see how many they got right or wrong.

Give out some sort of rank depending on how many questions were right. If they got all right, they are a genius or whatever. And if they got all wrong then they are clueless or whatever.

Not sure what else you can do with the black background and red text, it seems to work fine for me. Maybe just change the text style to make it a little more appealing to the eye.

Always remember to test it out to you friends and or family or whoever before submitting this to NG. Get their advice and opinions so you can change and or fix any flaws. Don't feel like your running out of time and have to rush through it, take your time so it comes out more presentable instead of sketchy.

ChrisShorter responds:

Extremely helpful! thank you for review. I'm going to redo this.

It's ok

I am not a SH , but i'm curios to play and try to figure out some things , but here my review : Quiz is good for the fans , but is lacking in music , some penalty and /or reward ( could be a scary image , i was thinking that was going to happen when i chossed wrong xD ) , better design ( try working on paint for sprites kkk ) , so i am giving you 3 because of your effort and original idea . Don't worry i am noob when the things is flash , i am just the user that comes to play and rate , but you had a good ideia just needed more experience with flash to be better :)

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Dec 28, 2011
8:13 AM EST
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