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Skyrim : Bear

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I had to make this video, after hours of game play, I feel this is the most efficient way to deal with Bears in Skyrim.

Thank you everyone, for the positive feedback. I feel a kinship with all of you who have had similar experiences with bears, and enjoy seeing these animals launched into the Sky. (next time I will add a replay button)


Well, i was one of those fools who resisted the black hole of the Skyrim world... then I broke down and bought it recently. My life is being ruined like I knew it would. I am passing up so much social events to play, I even called in twice and played all day for I love Skyrim. I am showing full signs off addiction, I need help.

Being said, I'm trying to ween by watching Skyrim movies on NG. This one had me rolling! Audio, graphics, content were all amazing! Everybody thought that the bear was going to have his revenge after the earthly revolution only to "Barely" get a hold of our hero and grab his helmet as a trophy which he, the bear, was content with. I love it!!

that shout part is funny and the dovahkiin music

Dovah bear dovah bear by his fur is so soft
he must find all the mead and get drunk off his arse!
And the fiercest foes rou when they hear triumph's shout
Dovah bear, For your fur is so soft.

Hearken now sons of snow to an age long ago
and his tail is so small i could swear its a cotton ball!
Who was kin to both wyrm and the races of bear
with power to rivel a drunk man!

And the voice he did wield on that glorious field when great tamriel shudder with war!
Mighty thu'um like a claw cut through enemies all
as the dovahbear issued his roar!

Dovahbear dovahbear by his fur is so soft.
He has sworn to drink all the mead in the bar!
And the fiercest of foes rout when they hear triumph's shut!
Dovahbear for your fur is so sof!

And the scroll have bein used as toilet paper by him!
for as his brothers wage war me must use the john!
alduin bane of kings just burnt down the outhouse!

But a day shall arise when the dark dragon pays for the out house it costs about Two seventy five!
He will than go to Court And face teh Dovahbear
Fair skyrim will be free from foul alduin's maw!
Dovahbear to be savior or bears!

Dovahbear Dovahbear By his fur is so soft
He has sword to drink all the meed in the bar!
And the fiercest foes rout as they hear triuph's shout!
Dovahbear For your fur is so soft.

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making an awsome video then combining it with a newgrounds music song(i know too well)
epic just epic

One of Newgrounds finest. Keep it up.

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Dec 27, 2011
11:21 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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