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Santa Came!

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Small last minute idea I decided to animate in a day.


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhD5yvK6C5E

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here i put up a bunch of nit-picky errors in the animation. I know it's made in a day so you can't expect THAT much, but still, these are pretty easily fixable. I am not hating on this animation, personally am a fan of sam green, especially his epic minequest series, and I think this animation came out well. Now that that's out of the way, let's go!

1. In the beggining of the video it said it's rated M for mature, but the actual newgrounds video is rated T for teens.

2. Santa barely even lasted 10 seconds.

3. If he really DID come twice the whole year, then how was there that little "milk". As if he got milked a few hours ago. And he is supposed to bring gifts to every kid in the whole world at once, and not stop for a sucky fucky every time. Could it mean hes doing the elves?

4. That kid's brows are bushy as heck.

5. If you don't want your kids to hear you sucking off santa's cock, maybe dont do it in the freaking living room?

6. If theres a campfire lit THAT close to them, how do we only see silhouettes? around the edges of the body should be in color.

7. If the moaning is THAT exaggarated, that must mean hes REALLY feeling it, but if he is then why hasn't he moved an inch before the milk sneeze?

8. A suggestive video rated T.

9. Did the kid sleep with gloves?

10. He rubbed his eyes. With gloves. Ouch.

11. The kid isn't wearing pajamas, in fact, he has a buttoned shirt, which will cause an ouch ouch if you lay on your chest.

12. The tree is like half a meter away from the fire. I wonder what will happen next...

13. The silhouettes of the mother and santa are clearly making noises, yet their mouths are still.

14. Why is the fire so blurry?

15. The milky noise.

16. In the end of the video, with the "milk" splashing on the screen, and i know for a fact that "milk" is supposed to slowly drip down a surface. Instead in the animation, it's still, yet again.

17. One of the edges on the picture frame makes it not even a rectangle shape anymore. Why does it look so sharp?

18. Why would you pay for a picture frame with only a freaking plain purple background?

19. The fire flicker is just too distracting.

20. Wait.. The fire flickers on the kid, but not anywhere else?

21. The BJ animation looks very tweened. It looks like her whole rig is just 2 joins and you started moving the top one left to right.

22. Last time i checked, splooging does not make your stomach explode.

23. Mommy doesn't react to getting "milk" on her face. She just stands there.

24. Also, why is santa getting blowed? Is this what he has to do to give them presents?

25. Why are the bars on the stairs so seperated? Little Sammy can go right through them. And fall. And die.

ok........i di not expect that....lol

When I saw the word "came", I said, "ok this has got to be some dirty flash." XD

I have one simple word to say : Lol
5 stars! :D

This just ruined my childhood forever... thanks a lot. >:( was an ok animation though