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Tukky's Christmas 2

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Author Comments

More loathsome Christmas platforming from me! This time, Tukky's Christmas presents have been stolen by some cats and he's out to teach them a lesson. 20 levels of katana-slicing action!

I planned something a little like Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, and this is result. It's a TGF2 game and it took just under a week to make, so it's a tiny bit under-tested and a few ideas didn't make it (the locked doors are level-warps that I disabled at the last moment).

There are 5 presents to collect on each level, but it's not compulsory or necessarily recommended. Merry christmas!

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I love that game.

Graphics are nice. Music is very cool. Animations ( especially Tukky's and cats animations ) are also very good. Scrolling and a snow effect are amazing (How did you make this snow effect in Tgf2 ?)
The only thing that's I don't like in this game is that where when you die you lost your power ups. In some levels that's really annoying.

I also making games in Tgf2, but they're not as good as your games.


Very well done game, especially for the games factory. Graphics were nice and I really liked the music - did you make it or did someone else? My only complaint would be the camera - but I haven't worked enough in TGF to know if you could even do anything about that. Clearly you put a lot of work into this and I am very impressed with the result. Nice job.

Duncansby responds:

Thanks! I wrote the music myself, and the flip-screen scrolling was a creative decision. I appreciate that it doesn't always work and won't be everyone's cup of tea. Thanks again!

Top quality

I thought this game was great. I loved the graphic style and your music selection was great. Did you make that yourself? The power ups were a good touch too. I found the double jump and the wall jump, i don't know if there were any others. Using those features accessed other areas of the map and it was fun exploring everywhere. The engine was solid too. The only thing I'd maybe like to see change was the camera. It was cool how the camera scrolled to another portion of the map when you went off screen, kind of like zelda, however it was hard to see what was below or above you when you made jumps. Good job overall though!


I am really amazed at how good The Games Factory can be! I think you've done a very good job making this game! I've personally used the games factory and failed... I might not know how to use it, but at less I know how to program in as3... So I can still make flash games.. :)
Anyway pretty good platformer. Reminds me of these old Nintendo games.. Man I miss these days.

cute little platformer

this is a pretty lovely christmas game. the engine seems flawless and the level design is quite clever. in some cases it can be a bit annoying because its like the leap of faith in iniana jones 3 but luckily i always landed on a platform. yet kinda scary.

i found all those hidden passages to be quite clever and exciting to find.
i really liked the idea of getting new skills. this turns this little cute christmas game into a metroidvania. just trying out to jump up any area i could jump up whether it was with the double jump or wall jump just to find a hidden presents adds a lot of exploration and fun to this game.
great character design in that game. i just love how happy that little mouse dude looks and how his ears wave around when he is doing his little silly walk cycle.
so overall a good game with a good engine, nice music and nice graphics. i also liked the idea that this game was happening in a certain time span where you first see the happy sun with that happy face and then it tuns night and the moon comes out (which is lacking a face). one improvement: i would have loved to know how many levels there are and WHAT level i am currently in. i just walked from level to level and after a while i felt kinda lost "hm what level am i in now? how many more to go?" thats something that could be easily added.

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2011
1:39 PM EST