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Myosotis Chapter 1

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Hi everyone. This was probably one of the most personal projects I've done in a long time. I had a lot of things I needed to deal with, and a game seemed like a constructive way to do so. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

As always, a huge special thanks to Hania. She continues to be amazing to collaborate with, and her work is always inspiring. Thanks to Evil-Dog too, for graciously allowing me to use Outbreak.

- Mike

Update: Thanks for the front page <3

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First moments of the game: As a general rule, never put text on the screen to read WHILE lyrics are being sung. That's two different sets of words being pushed into your player's face right from the get-go. This continued throught - it's very hard to read the note I picked up when some girl is singing at me.

Long story short: either don't have text in your game, or change the music to something without lyrics.

The second song is better, but too intense and fast-pased considering I'm solving some sort of alphabet soup puzzle. It's not fitting for the situation.

I couldn't figure out that puzzle, by the way.

wha-a?!! i mean.....i need to get to the next part NOW!

This is the kind of puzzle game I'm looking for: with nice music and fascinating story

This game is absolutely lovely.

Thank you for this artistic and emotional experience.


The graphics remind me very much of "Every Day the Same Dream," and just like that game, the music is quite memorable. I would say the only really bad thing about this game is that the puzzles typically don't make sense.