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Invader 45

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I made this for school. comments would be swell :P

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Good Start

I agree with 90% of what catinbootsMI said.


While the addition of WASD controls is definitely a good idea, please do not strip the game of arrow controls. Many programmers who are not left handed do not realize that lefties often prefer the arrows, if they are using the mouse with their left hand. Both control methods are used, so I would advise you test yourself and figure out how to make both accessible to the game.

Also, you may want to randomize the shooting pattern of your enemy a little more. I left the game running while writing this and didn't get hit a single time.

Looking forward to your future submissions.

Nice try

By the looks of the game, I can see that you tried and learned a lot of new stuff. However, it would be better if there was some kind of sub-story to it. First of all, you start off fighting a boss right away, which kind of seems weird to most players who are used to an easy battle right away. Secondly, PLEASE, PLEASE the next time you make a game change the controls from the arrow keys to AWSD. It's not that hard. I'm a programmer myself and it only takes a couple of changes in code and you're good. But I can't stress how uncomfortable it is for most people to play a game using the arrow keys with their left hand streched across the whole keyboard.
Whew... I wrote a lot

add these

need wasd movement and a replay button

Not bad.

Good work on the overall smooth controls.The game can be improved in terms of animation(the ships or whatever they are,try making them look more realistic than two dimensional shapes),sound effects(more realistic laser sounds and explosions),a leveling system with different types of enemies with increasing difficulty,upgrades(to make the game more interesting and easier to survive through the levels) and an options menu with 'restart' and 'mute'.This may not be a full list of improvements as it is one review.