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Epic Defense Battles

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Protect your fort from onslaught of enemies. We have tried to imitate real life battles in this game with hundreds of units on screen at a time creating a chaotic war situation. Build defenses, unlock and upgrade units, unlock achievements and special powers, kill enemies. Features 3 game modes and and 3 classes.
This game is a sequel to successful action game Epic Defense. It has new and improved graphics and gameplay.
Class Specialization: Each class is designed to have its own set of features in order to give a different playing experience when playing with different classes. The rangers are good in archers, The riders are good with knights, Bounty hunters start with extra gold earned for each kill. Utilizing class advantages while playing will definitely help advance progress of the user fast enough.
Unit Specialization: Archers are good vs foot soldiers (swordsmen, spearmen). knights are good vs archers, spearmen are good vs knights.
3 classes to choose from.
7 achievements to unlock.
6 special powers.
3 game modes.

Use mouse to click and place units on ground. Press Escape to unselect a selected unit. Press space for upgrade screen. Press P to pause the game. Note that when you are on upgrade screen, game is automatically paused.
To use powers, press power icons in top panel after you have unlocked them.

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My greivences

It was a good game with a good concept in all but afew things that kinda seemed off though
1: The horsemen are a bit overpowered on both sides
2: the archers on my side are unkillable so making the archers allowed to die might be an extra challenge
3: There needs to be a seperate syster for upgrades and troops instead of it being all bunch together
4: The game takes a HUGE difficulty spike between each lvl (even on normal) same thing with upgrades they take a HUGE price spike
5: and to put it bluntly the Player AI is stupid while the Enemy AI is extremely inteligent
And IF you make a sequel perhaps mor content OwO
Again great game just afew minor things

coffingames responds:

Thanks for the review and suggestions. If I make a sequel, I will consider all the points you mentioned :)

Good game but it needs polish

its a good game but it goes from garanteed win to OMFG it basicly needs polish to go from a tarnished gem to stick war defense HD

coffingames responds:

Thanks for the nice review. Yes, animations could use some improvement.

good game, room for improvement

First, I want to say that it was a good game. Keep making games, they will be even better than this one very soon.

Easy/hard is not the problem. (Too easy, by the way.) For a strategy game, there is remarkably little strategy. Upgrade all starting with gold, then your class specialty, then preference. Upgrades are completed in very few levels, and then you have pretty much infinite gold. Just spawn the appropriate troop as fast as they die, use specials to good effect. By the end of the first dozen levels, the levels are all the same. Even finishing the game was not rewarding. Normal to insane all have this problem.

coffingames responds:

Thanks for the nice feedback. Its really motivating for us. Well, I was short of ideas when it came to finish and last levels except for the increasing challenge with each wave. Any ideas on that account would be appreciated.


I thought this game was pretty good. I am very used to playing games like this, and this is by far one of the best. I love the upgrading thing and the bonus things. I also like that you can choose a class, and they all have their own benefits. I think next time, you should try out some war-type music, and practice on drawing a bit. Other than that, I enjoyed the game alot!!!!

coffingames responds:

Thanks for such a nice feedback. If I ever decide to make the sequel to this, animations and AI re-tuning are the first thing on my mind.

good game just needs help

your response to Ronin2342 is a little weird since he is not talking much about what he was doing, besides using all his money before hand, more about the ai and the game(only agree with the ai). from playing the ranger class i notice that you seem to be but right off the bat worse then the other 2 simply from the fact the max amount of your special units you can have out is 8. i have notice that when the battle dose start they tend to not be able to hit any of the units save from a knights that rush through. whats started to really hurt this game is the ai, they just runs back and forth until the enemy come and some times waits getting attacked. i've also notice that the ai for the units on the player's side could use some work since at times i have made spearmen to kill the knights (most of the time right next to them and instead of killing that unit he will runaway and go after the archers or swordsmen in the back. also notice that the ai will send even the swordsmen to far units when they should go after the closer ones (ignoring the archers that are killing them and go for a random swordsmen) i do like that for doing different achievements u get powers for them and they are not just given to you after a lvl. also like that what you buy changes the units and are not just some invisible upgrade besides that i like this game just feel like it could use some work.

coffingames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The points you mentioned on AI not attacking nearest unit is noted :) I will take care of it in the sequel if I ever decide to do it.