Parthenon Breakout

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EDIT: Wow, thanks for the daily second! I wasn't expecting much from this submission, considering I made it in only two and a half hours or so. I'd like to thank my friends for voting for me, without them I wouldn't have received the award. Thanks again!


I made this clone of the classic Atari Breakout game in TGF2. I hope it's enjoyable. Please be patient while waiting for it to load, as the filesize is large.

I don't even know where I was going with this. I started out earlier today finally going through the tutorial of TGF2 after I saw TomFulp posted a notice about a winter contest for it. This isn't my winter contest entry, but moreso myself just learning how to use the program and doing basic tasks. I'm not sure how I got the whole Parthenon idea either, but whatever.

I'd like to thank Ockeroid and pyroguy-37 for making their music available for my use by having it in the audio portal, I was stumped for a while on which tracks to choose.

The main menu image is a picture taken of the Parthenon in Greece, the gameplay background is a sketch of the Parthenon from mlahanas.de, and the high scores background is a picture of the Parthenon replica in Tennessee. The pillars used in the gameplay as borders are from shutterstock.com. I do not claim to own any of these images and give credit to their respective owners. All other graphics and images were drawn by me. The "DUN DUN DUN" sound upon viewing the high scores menu is titled Shock and Horror by Dick Walter from Ren And Stimpy Production Music Vol. 2. Thank you.


Awesome game!

I love the speed the ball goes, I love this game. I am a sucker for breakout though. 10/10 5/5.

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IzzyDude responds:

Thank you. (:


I'll give you an A for effort at least...

During gameplay I noticed a few glitches such as the ball destroys more than one block, it may have just been the proximity but it would be a pretty big difference (the ball hits the right side of a block, the block to the left of it disappears too). The controls also were a bit awkward and the ball would sometimes blend in completely with the background. In addition, it got really repetitive really quickly. I only feel empathy for you because I also make games and I know the pain to have something you worked hard on get really low scores (assuming you worked hard on it, no offense). You at least have potential, I'd love to see you get better. (However, I DO have to rate this accordingly, so a 4/10 for you).

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IzzyDude responds:

Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate it. I'm still trying to learn to use the basic features of the program.


I enjoyed it.

IzzyDude responds:


Wait, what?

How did THIS made it to a daily second?? April Fools is still far away!

Seriously though, this is probably the worst game I've ever had the chance of witnessing on Newgrounds. No levels, barely a goal, not even a pause button.

I have no idea how the Game Factory works, but I'm sure as Hell that with the tool for "newbs" you should be able to make a better game than this.

The physics are non existent, the game gets boring soon, there is no goal, levels, or power ups. No anything! The fancy sountrack is too far away to make up for everything this game lacks.

And well, I'll say, for a 2 hour effort, it sure is awesome! What I am in fact wondering is why did you even post it. :(

IzzyDude responds:

And yet it's deserving of a zero? I love how you've never submitted anything yourself.


I have been looking for a while of this type of game that would work on my mobile phone, and this actually works on it.

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IzzyDude responds:

Thanks for reviewing!

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Dec 13, 2011
7:07 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling
  • Daily 2nd Place December 14, 2011