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Guide: How to Facebook

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Having trouble with facebook? Still wondering why you have less friends than parking tickets? This guide will show you how to properly create a facebook profile.

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I feel ya, but...

The number 1 thing that annoys me about facebook, is that it's just an outlet for people to act snobbish in their mediocrity. Like you pointed out, folks get on there posting pics of places they've been, books they've read, etc, etc. Who cares. Anyone can read a book you've read. Anyone can go to a vacation spot you've been to. It's not like you cured cancer or anything. But, people time and again get this elitist mentality about themselves for doing mediocre crap with their lives. "Oh, I read book XYZ! I love band ABC!" So what. You're not a writer. You're not a muscician. It's not like you CREATED actual art or something of value/interest to others. You just went out and did something that everyone else can do. But, you have the nerve to brag about it like you're special or something. It's stupid. Because facebook makes it so easy for these d-bags to get online and publicize their mediocre lives, we've just gotten in this stupid rut of bragging about inane drivel.

The awesome way

This is the correct way to do it...
More or less most people do this way. very true.