The Pixel Tower

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Platform game with elements of fighting and RPG.

2 towers of 20 levels and a boss

fire: space
jump: up arrow
double jump : 2 up arrow
movement: arrow


Pick a partner for the graphics

There's a lot of good designers here that you can invite to do a partnership. I'm sure some will accept.

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the upgrade system is bugged

the upgrade window doesnt close


The game itself is pretty good, but you have a few issues that need to be addressed. First, the controls need work. For instance, when I start walking in the opposite direction, it takes the character a rather long time to turn around. Because of this, I often die because I'm walking in one direction, but attacking in the other direction.The jumps are very difficult to control, often the double jump doesn't work at all, or is delayed. Sometimes the double jump will stop the character 's forward motion dead, right in the middle. I like earning stars, not just as pickups, but also from killing enemies. It helped me get through a few "impossible" levels because I could buy extra health, etc. even on spots where I always died within a few seconds. But why on earth did you use sound efects from Mario? The pickups, dying, etc. are all from the Mario games. 5 stars as is, but fixing the controls would make this game a solid 8.

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The platforms are too high to jump on!

good but--

I cant move anywhere!!

4 stars for good idea

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Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2011
6:02 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other