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Fill the world with color!
Buy new hats!
Help animals to unlock secret hats!
Collect all 10 of the Golden Udders to unlock a special secret cow power!
Unlock Achievements!

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don't even bother playing this game the last level is impossible

Love this game. It's a little glitchy, but I can live with that. I used to play this when I was a kid and loved every second. Music good, story is cute, animation is adorable.

I really like this game but the glitches make it almost impossible to play. please fix it.

There are bits of bugs and glitches. I found it very irritating, espcially since it took me about 5minutes to talk to the pigeon, since the box was rised to the point where it was almost impossible to fit into the area. For some reason, on one level, it makes me slip off a rock.

Fun, but quite a few issues.

This game was a lot of fun... but there were many bugs that really detracted from the experience, to the point where the game was almost unplayable.

Minor issues: The fish and the bird didn't get coloured in on the map after their quests were completed. Some text would occasionally be bigger than it was supposed to be (prices in the shop, percent coloured tracker, achievements), making the numbers and letters unreadable. The Zorro style hat shows up as the graduation cap when equipped. I was awarded the achievement for getting all of the hats before I purchased the last one.

Major issue: The first time a level is loaded, all objects settle normally. But upon dying or restarting the level from a checkpoint, objects like boxes and planks would float above the ground. This often made it so you couldn't fit through areas, and the only way to fix it was to go to level select and reload the level.

I think that was it. It was a really fun game with adorable graphics and nice music, but these issues made it a lot less fun.