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Advertisement for Part two of Tomorrow's Nobodies Episode 2

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So these are always funny with these group of characters and such some funny moments and the humor was notbad at all here the humor was good and there was some nice artowrk here on this funny film wish you had made more of this great series anyways great stuff.

nothing major to change.


This was funny. Okay, it wasn't much, but it works nice on a meta level. It's weird how it's turned off here. Yeah, George Bush did suck. Donald Trump sucks even more. Why wouldn't they want penises?

I thought it would actually show a scene from the cartoon. Random explosions are always cool. Random humor can work. The length here was good. I know what happens next.

Yeah george bush sucks

i like to use newgrounds to discuss politics

no penis for eric

i have yet to be disappointed by a tomorrow's nobodies submission.

this episode... advertisement... thingy makes me LOL out loud.


p.s to the other guy that voted, george bush does suck.