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Windows 98 Errors

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Hey guys!

This flash was Inspired by the Error series by AntoArts-Admin and Windows Errors by dudethatkicksass, 20 errors and 6 popups that are based on the style of Windows 98
I am not copying any ideas from either of these authors.
Thanks to AtomSmasher for the error message generator
Thanks to ElectricGuitarClock for Windows Beat

P.S: The Windows Locked error was not based on AntoArts-Admins error: It cost $10 to defragment the hard drive.
But I put the dollar sign because the error message generator didn't seem to accept the pound sign


Time for me to crash yet another simulator :D

TheMadWasp responds:

This isn't really a simulator, but thanks for the review anyway.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!I Like this a lot!Windows 98 Simulation,Here i come to break you!

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TheMadWasp responds:


whats the song called on the menu

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TheMadWasp responds:

It's on the left-side of your browser, Windows Beat.

It needs to be burned.

TheMadWasp responds:

Well that's not very nice.

Hey Buddy. Remember this Guy?

I decided to go back way way before you started Windows Vista 2 Shit. This thing is crude, yet funny. What can I say? this is a very old game. The only thing I didn't like was that frickin' repetitive soundtrack. It was okay for the first few loops, but then I think my ears started itching after I finished the whole errors, also the lack of background (just green shit) is awfully nostalgic in my book.

To summarize: This piece of shit you call: "A Game" is comedy gold. But it still has room for improvement. Hope you make more Windows Parodies. Try Windows 8!

Your Self Proclaimed Fan:

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TheMadWasp responds:

Oh, hi LittleWriter.

I could have definitely improved this "game" before releasing it. My first improvement would be giving it more goddamn interaction than just a Next and Back button.

I'm glad you thought it was funny, and I am going to be doing 1 more Windows Parody for this series before I stop, and that is going to be Windows 8 Errors.

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2.94 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2011
6:10 AM EST
Simulation - Other