Earn to Die

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Now with Super Wheel!


Finished in 30 days :D

OK, to be honest here. When I got the truck fully upgraded, then drove it down the road, I might have yelled at the top of my voice:

The game is beautiful and bloody addictive. No boring stories, no over complicated menus, just FUN game play. A game that is not fun to watch, read or hear, just fun to PLAY.

These sorta of games are fun to begin with because you could never jump or hit the ground the same way every time, so skill and timing can only get you through.

I never thought I would see a game so chaotic be so balanced :P The more I upgrade, the more money I get, which lets me upgrade at a good pace.

And every time I buy a new non-upgraded car, I find it as strong as the old car fully upgraded. So I don't feel like I'm starting all over. Brilliant ^^

The start was a bit slow and almost killed the mode, but after getting half the upgrades for the first car, it was fun all the way.

As for the plot/story, I see a guy trying to get the hell out of dessert filled with zombies. That's more than enough for me. What else do you need to know to make the game experience better???? :/

From a game designer's point of view, I would change and/or remove a few things that seem unnecessary. They don't really affect the fun factor but don't really add to it either.

From a gamer's point of view, it was the most fun game I played in a while.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face :)

Cheers ^^

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To Phobotech:

Don't forget that once the hero has ran out of fuel,
he has to push his car back to the start.

In a zombie filled wasteland.

Apart from the storyline (the gaping plotholes make it brilliant), the game is a formulaic launch game. It's a shame there's no variety in the gameplay, nor with the vehicle selection. I gave up when I realised I couldn't revert to my pimped up mini.

Not so much of a time killer as it is time waster.

Our nameless hero has to make it across a dessert festering with zombies in order for him to escape to...somewhere. Truth be told, this game makes my head hurt when I put too much thought into it. I'm mortified by it's complete absence of logic or plot.

He's in the middle of the post zombie-apocalypse dessert and he "needs to escape this place." But there is literally NO TENSION whatsoever. He clearly has all the supplies he needs except for necessary funds. Yes, MONEY. He is clearly purchasing these cars from some other survivor we never see...at least I hope so otherwise this guy is just BATSHIT crazy and enjoys wasting time and supplies. He has a Volkswagon Bug, a Pickup Truck, and Semi, but really you're only gonna have the Semi, because the FULLY UPGRADED Semi is the ONLY THING that will get to your destination. Everything before it is a repetitive waste of time, but doing so in a way that insults our intelligence, and even more incredibly, siphons the fun out of mass vehicular zombieslaughter.

Somehow the lightest car has the absolute WORST gas milage. Somehow the Volkswagon which is very FAMOUSLY converted into dune buggies so it can be the best possible vehicle for this situation, cannot possibly make the cut. So really, you upgrade to a point where you get a decent amount of money so you can eventually buy the pickup truck. Because guess what? It doesn't matter how much you soup up this POTENTIAL DUNE BUGGY, all of that money will have basically been pissed into the wind. Why even bother with the goofy lookin' propeller? This guy has access to M16's and a fuckton of supplies, but he can't just HIKE the distance to the chopper? Our hero is a bitch.

Once you get the pickup truck, you enter the wonderfully liberating world of "Never Being Good Enough" but at least you have some of the most expensive tires I've never seen for a truck. You're also introduced to boxes! Yeah, stacks of empty wooden boxes made into little hollow forts of obstruction in random spots.

"Did that not slow you down enough?" I'll pretend the game asks me, "Well how about some Super Mutant Zombies!" Yeah, BIGGER zombies! There's STILL no tension, they're not any threat. I ran out of gas going uphill, and my truck daintily tapped one of these behemoths and it made an unenthusiastic "Brargh." and died. They just slow us down more. How fun and engaging.

I figured the boxes and super mutants were what these guns were for, but they only carry about 15 shots and they shoot automatically...We can't even get the power to PUSH THE TRIGGER!? They'll lay waste to the first volley of zombies and that's it. Aka "the ones that weren't even a problem for the Slugbug." Completely depleted ammo by the time it gets to the first box fort. Again, a pretty beefy truck makes it a great distance...our guy couldn't just take a wrench, tire-iron, or disassembled the still-cool barrel of the gun, and just club any zombies over the head on the way?

Our hero is also more lifeless than the walking dead itself. Seriously, he is somehow superhumanly stiff as a board when he should be getting whiplashed around like he's at a Slayer concert. He should be having the most fun, and he doesn't make one sound. By having an open door is somehow NO THREAT TO HIM whatsoever. Zombies die on contact with the bumper even long after it ran out of fuel. No zombies crash through the windshield and frantically attack the driver from inside the car like so many Deer do for me on my daily commute. There's not even a way for a zombie to double flip into the bed of the pickup truck. Also, this guy must be strong as hell...because he can LEAN and gain influence to a multi ton machine like a pickup truck or Semi.

Eventually a decked out Optimus Prime will finish the job, even though every time it hits the ground, it looks like it should be game over. The art looks good, the music is appropriate, though it gets old near the end. The zombie voice overs are uninspiring and seem to punctuate the pointlessness of this adventure. The Ending Screen was embarrassingly underwhelming. Voted 2

fix one thing

the title that is it 9/10


Alright, this was an Okay game. There were a few problems that you could try to cover in a sequel, as i would very much like to see one. However, the game-play became very repetitive and easy, as all you really had to do was hold forward and tap x. The customization was a bit too straight forward, and the fact that you had to buy ALL upgrades is a bit of a turn off. Also, the fact that the big zombie's torso laying on my SEMI caused it's speed to drop by about 90 miles per hour was unrealistic, and bad.
The gun should be able to be turned on and off as well. though there were some major flaws, the game was entertaining, and the last 20 minutes doesn't feel like a huge waste.
7/10, and i really hope you take my advice and make a sequel.

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Nov 24, 2011
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