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Saving Thanksgiving

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Zan sets out on his first adventure, to save his father and Thanksgiving. An Epic Quest, for an Epic Holiday.

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An Epic Flash animation...!!!!


Now that was quite the amazing Thanksgiving themed fantasy adventure.
Not to mention, pretty hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, what an epic tale of completely wrong and disturbing proportions. I love the way that you've paid attention to some D&D clich├ęs and have addressed them, with the way that no-one ever seems to play a half-orc rogue, because their size or brainpower somehow makes them incapable. It's still possible and Slice was a fantastic character. I'd love to see this party have a further few episodes, as they'll be sure to get into trouble and fight their way out of it... I'm not sure what Sam's class is though...

All of that dysfunction puts together into a well balanced party and everyone seems to get along well, which is nice, even when the racial / social bickering starts up as filler. I think there were a few issues that could be addressed, though:

Turkeys... and most other poultry / game birds are stuffed in the neck hole, not the arse. The stuffing rests between the wings, if you carved that one, so technically, Sam stuffed him good and proper! I love that Slice sat atop the Turkey as if he had claimed it all for himself.

I'd have loved to see the gang take the turkey back to town and feed the locals with it, since there was obviously too much for just the five of them. You could have had a meal celebrating the return of Sam's father, when the three patients and possibly a few more characters enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps even a sketch with Slice and Dryears pulling the wishbone and having something silly happen there - just a little sketch, but these things are additional material for you.

Still, I loved it and I can't wait to see more from you and hopefully these characters.

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Good Concept

wasn't 100% funny all the time but it was clever and had good animation as well.

pretty good

it was ok but the ending kinda killed it