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Minute Hardcore

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Author Comments

Got a minute to spare?
Why not spend it in a HARDCORE FASHION?
Bullets everywhere, switch colors to beat each enemy, make your choice between more time and a better ship.
Can you survive the minute? Can you survive longer?


I like it. Good game.

Good: Quick to pick up and play. Strategies (do you upgrade your firepower for easier kills or your time limit for longer life span?). Switching colors ala Ikaruga.

Bad: When hit, very easy to miss that your time got reduced by 10 seconds. Maybe a better 'notification' you got hit maybe? Maybe also being able to pick which gun type to upgrade rather than seemingly random choice of what side they'll shoot at.

Other: All in all, great game. I like it. Good for a quick shooting game. I even got into the top 10% on my first go at it. ^_^

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love it

like it

nice game

this is a fun game but the only let down is that you only have one minute. really, after upgrading all your stuff you lose everything

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Great, but has a flaw

And it's probably a bug. There are times when I go for the time upgrade and it SAYS it gives me 20 seconds, but the timer only goes up by 10. At other times, it will give me 20 seconds, but the times when I'm not getting those extra 10 seconds have cost me quite a few games.

It's an excellent game to be sure, but I feel this bug needs to be fixed to make it perfect.

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Quite fun!

The thing that makes this so good is how you have interesting gameplay with simple controls. The only thing I probably didn't like was how you only had a minute to shoot things! It isn't even that much of a problem when you have to change colors. There are so many enemies, you just wait for the next ones. At first I thought it was that you could only kill enemies with the same color, but it was the other way around. That certainly makes it easier.

What's also cool is the music which set the tone well. It could have been detailed a little better, but still lots of fun to play. You had a pretty cool name to go with it. I have always enjoyed playing games like this, probably because of how much mobility the player has. Dang, and I still have yet to win any of the medals!

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2011
8:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight